Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I'm Not a Silly Momma

No, not me. I did not look at my 5-year-old daughter's mouth on Sunday and see what looked like decay on her gums--a greenish, grayish section above the top front teeth, which were both loose.

I did not spiral into a nervous depression over the sight of her gums, which were one more thing in a child who has had her share of pain and discomfort, what with an autoimmune disease and needle sticks 4x a year and many appointments and two prescription drugs.

I did not research for an hour about absesses. I did not despair the problems of life, and feel deep shame that my daughter's gums could get so ugly looking, probably from decay (although I care well for her teeth).

I did not make an appointment as soon as possible, thinking the worst. I didn't research for another hour, either. I did not write a half-page letter, explaining my daughter's medical history, including her two front capped teeth (because I would be in the waiting room with my other 3 children).

Nor did I feel heavy sorrow for two days, leading up to the appointment. I did not feel panicky today while driving to the appointment. I did not have to pray all through the appointment.

No, not me.

The dentist called me back and reported there's no decay on her gums and she didn't, in fact, have any cavities anywhere. Her front teeth were within a week of falling out, he suspected, and the greenish, grayish gum was a sign of irritation because her teeth had been loose and she wasn't helping them along by wiggling them. Gums don't like prolonged loose teeth, it turns out.

I did not get teary-eyed back in the waiting room, after my mini-conference with the dentist, so grateful that I'm not a bad mommy after all.

I am not a silly Momma. No, not me.

(Peter and Paul think I should be embarrassed, but I'm too incredibly relieved to feel embarrassed.)


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Tesha Papik said...

Lol love this post:)! I total get the panic been there, done that!