2015-16 Homeschool Schedule

Master Schedule

Peter and Paul, ages 13 and 12, both eighth grade (Peter with dysgraphia and dyscalculia)
Mary, 3rd grade with moderate dyslexia
Beth, 1st grade with mild dyslexia

Morning Chores:

Get dressed; make bed
Clothes in hamper
Fold clean clothes, put away

Morning Subjects:

1. Bible Whole Family – Audio Bible on Bible Gateway (Using a Through-the-Bible-in-2-Years Schedule, chronological, Old Testament and New Testaments together; Boys/Mom follow in their own Bibles; girls color in Bible coloring books while listening)
Girls Narrate Bible Readings - Tues./Thurs.
Boys Narrate Bible Readings -  Mon./Wed./Fri.

2. Peter – Math
Paul – Literature & Narration (Oral narration – Tues/Thurs.; Written Narration Wed/Fri)
Girls – Journal Writing
Mom - Start bread making

Mid-Morning Subjects:

1. Peter – Literature & Narration (Oral narration – Wed/Fri;  Written narration Tues./Thurs.
Paul – Math
Girls – Beautiful Feet History Readings with Mom; take turns narrating. Narration is an important part of both Beautiful Feet History and Apologia Science. 

2. Peter – Writing/Grammar
Paul – Apologia Science & Notebook
Girls – Free time

After-Lunch Subjects:

1. Peter – Apologia Science & Notebook
Paul – Writing/Grammar
Beth – All About Reading with Mom
Mary – Saxon 2 Math Practice w/ Paul nearby (Mary will start Teaching Textbooks Math 3 in December or January)

2. Peter – History Reading
Paul – History Reading
Mary – All About Reading with Mom
Beth – Saxon 1 Math Practice

3Peter – Apologia Science W/Primary Notebook Reading to Girls; Girls narrate; sometimes hands-on work
Paul – Computer Programming
Mom – Prepare Hands-on Saxon Math lesson for girls (combining the girls)

4. Boys – Online Geography on Kindle (to start Northstar Geography in Feb)
Girls – Saxon Hands-on Math Lesson with Mom

AWANA - I record their individual verses on my LG flip phone, which has better sound quality than our Kindle, and during the day they take turns listening to their verses with headphones. After about three days of this, they can usually recite the verses well with the references. Paul prefers studying on his own, as oral listening isn't as beneficial for him.

Note on difficult circumstances: I have one son with severe OCD, and another with mild/moderate OCD, so we try to stick with the basics as much as possible. You never know when mental illness will steal time from you.

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