Monday, October 28, 2013

Bright Spot in our Homeschooling Today

Today in our Writing With Ease Level 4 resource, I read a passage from The Siege of Washington, D.C., by Captain E. Colburn Adams. This is a very old book, not readily available, but the writing is superb and exactly what I want my children to emulate. Susan Wise Bauer chose only the best as she penned this resource, and I'm indebted to her.

Following the reading (just a passage, not the whole book), the boys were required to narrate orally why the Civil War started, using 3 or 4 sentences. Specifically, what did the South want, what did the North and West do to provoke the South, and what was the result?

After they narrated and we discussed it together, the boys began writing their narration. I have them write all their narrations after we discuss the passage, which is a modified use of the resource. In Level 4, I'm supposed to write down my student's narration as they speak, and then they are to memorize the first two sentences only, and then write just those down. My boys are capable of more, since this resource is for grades 4-5.

I always say, boss the curriculum, don't let it boss you. Modify it to work for your child.

Shortly I will probably purchase Writing With Skill, the next resource in the series, and move the boys into that.

I am so proud of my Peter!

Regular, long-time readers might remember that he has always struggled with spelling, and that organizing his thoughts on paper was difficult too. He has a little dysgraphia, which is difficulty with handwriting, spelling, and organizing thoughts on paper. You would be shocked at his handwriting, which is large for his age, though neat enough as long as he uses 2nd-grade lined paper. He's no where near ready for college-ruled paper, for example, which is very unusual for a sixth grader. And cursive is very difficult for him.

But his spelling and writing organization! They are so much improved, and no tears or fits! I was so excited at his work today!

Peter, age 11 (first draft, with his spelling and punctuation)

The people of the south wanted 3 things: slavery, a president who agreed with them, and independence. The people of the north and west offended the south by electing Abraham Lincoln as president. Becasue of this the Civil War started.

What shining spot did you experience in your school today?


Terri H said...

I just had to say how proud I am of your Peter! Great job!

Christine said...

Thank you, Terri! I have you to thank for the Susan Wise Bauer materials. I didn't know about them until you wrote about the writing and grammar resources she and her mother offer at Peace Hill Press. Thank you, from a grateful Momma!

Lisa said...

Way to go Peter! Keep up the good work! :)

Christine said...

Lisa, good to hear from you! Thank you!

Lisa said...

Did your children get the letters we sent?

Christine said...

Yes, thank you! They'll be writing back this week.

Lisa said...

No rush. I was just making sure they arrived. :)