Thursday, September 22, 2011

Paradigm Shift; Just Enough

Reading Shaun Groves' blog this afternoon, I came across the most beautiful story written by a contributor at the Living Proof Ministries Blog (The lpm Blog).  This is Beth Moore's blog and the two young women who contribute are Beth's daughters, one of whom, Melissa Fitzpatrick, went to Bible College with Shaun Groves, and accompanied him on the 2009 trip to India with Compassion Bloggers.

Please take the time to read Melissa's story. The power of the cross, the grace of the Almighty, is seldom this evident.


Margie said...

I read Melissa's blog post earlier. Very moving and I thought that little girl was just so lovely and sweet. Very humbling.

Christine said...

Actually, I don't know for sure that they went to the same college (Baylor University), or even that they knew each other there. I just got that impression somehow, from this and other posts.