Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Meet My "Adopted" Daughter

This is Sheila, my new sponsor daughter from Uganda! I'm over the moon already! She lives with only a grandmother, so I have to assume that maybe her parents were killed in Uganda's recent war-torn past.

Many people gravitate toward the youngest faces when choosing a sponsor child, thus, older children wait longer. Who wants that for these youths, who yearn for hope and love as much as little ones do? They're at a very vulnerable time in these, their teen years.

Sheila needs more love and encouragement than a hard-working, impoverished grandmother can provide alone. Sheila needs us...our prayers, letters, and gifts, and a sponsorship that allows her to take advantage of all that Compassion provides.

Why did we take this ridiculous-for-our-paycheck move?

I read all the Compassion posts last night and estimated the number of readers reached by this Ugandan trip. Jeff Goins has a very large audience, so between all of the bloggers, the reading audience this week is well over 200,000 readers. And yet, so few children were sponsored as of bed time last night. Even this morning, the total is only 66 children.

This is the first trip in which Compassion has posted a goal: 400 children. This is the first trip in which Compassion is tracking the number of new sponsorships arising from a blogging trip.

Why so few children sponsored? Over 200,000 readers, most having a lot more than an extra $38 a month, and yet, so few decisions for sponsorship?

I believe fear is the block. Fear of a lower standard of living. Fear of not having enough. Fear of the unstable economy. Fear comes in many forms.

"What are you waiting for?" God clearly asked me.

Has God blessed us for already sponsoring someone? Yes, emphatically. We sponsor Nelson, age 9, from El Salvador, and we write to Divya (India) and Raphael (Burkina Faso) in correspondent relationships. Has sponsorship hurt us or our children? On the contrary, from the first click, it's been joy. The joy of clicking "sponsor me" is akin to the joy of baptism. Really. That euphoric feeling, God sent, stays with you to continually bless, as you bless.

Has anything even remotely scary come from it? Just the opposite. Beauty and blessing.

Is my God bigger than the economy? Is he bigger than my troubles? Does he care how many outfits I own, or if I have a broken lamp shade cheapening my living room these last three years? Is he bigger than my bank account? He is confined by totals on a spread sheet? Does anything confine what God can and will do, when we seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness?

He does what is best for my spiritual growth and I love that about Him. He does what is best for the Kingdom and I really love that about Him. Nearly 17 years ago he entered my heart; I was graciously gifted with His peace and the down payment on my eternal inheritance - the Holy Spirit.

The fact that he doesn't care about my broken lamp shade? I love that about Him, too.

Sponsor your own "adopted" son or daughter here.

Ask yourself, is my God BIG enough?

More about my precious Sheila: 

Birthday: May 02, 1999
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Region: Africa
Country: Uganda
Program: Murambo Child Development Center

Personal and Family Information:
Sheila lives with her grandmother. At home, duties include carrying water, gathering firewood and teaching others. Her grandmother is sometimes employed as a laborer.

As part of Compassion's ministry, Sheila participates in church activities, Bible class and youth group. She is also in high school where her performance is average. Volleyball, singing and telling stories are her favorite activities.

Please remember Sheila in your prayers. Your love and support will help her to receive the assistance she needs to grow and develop.

FYI: Prior to my clicking "Sponsor me", Sheila was registered, but not sponsored. Compassion gives benefits to children even before they are sponsored (school fees, immunizations, crisis intervention), but regular attendance at a Compassion Child Development Center can only come with sponsorship. The most change in a child's life comes from sponsorship and our letters, but Compassion blesses in Jesus' name as soon as the registration process is completed.


Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

I am so happy for you and your new daughter! This is sure to be the beginning of a wonderful relationship!

I do know how intimidating that first step of making the commitment can be. I felt it intensely as we sponsored our first in 2009.

But the blessings have been immeasurable! And our little family has grown and grown!

Your new daughter will be so thrilled to start hearing from you! If you have any questions about the letter writing aspect of the ministry, please feel free to stop by my blog somtime!

Christine said...

Thank you, Michelle!

Beth said...

It is neat to see how God is blessing and giving your family the opportunity to impact lives of these children around the world.

Anonymous said...

You have definitely challenged me with this. I will pray today about what God wants us to do. As an adult, ever since I left home I've never had much money until this past year when my husband's income has increased and he has been promoted. We're saving to buy a house, but... building the Kingdom is worth more than a house. Our little Marleth in Colombia is our only sponsored child, though we do support other charities. Hmm. I will pray and talk to my husband. I need to look at some of the silly habits I've got into lately, too. Thank you for your blog. I always find it challenging :-)

Christine said...

Sandy, Thank you for visiting here and being willing to be used of God! There is another Sandy King who reads here, but not that has a blog. I will stop by and visit and tell me, are you my Sandy King who has commented before?

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's me. I only just figured out that I could comment on your blog using my wordpress identity :-)

Anonymous said...

Only now it says the name of my blog instead. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but never mind!