Monday, May 6, 2013

Multitude Monday 5/6/13

This Momma stayed up very late dealing with Paul's first asthma attack. Exhausted and weary of health issues, I desperately need to count blessings today. This morning at the pediatrician's, the doctor informed me that we don't call it asthma until it's chronic; insurance companies don't like to see a chronic disease on health records so doctors have to be careful how they label issues.

So to clarify, Paul had his first wheezing and uncontrollable coughing attack, which goes with the curse of allergies.

My husband was treated for asthma this week also, and Peter needed a couple puffs of his inhaler. I've learned that tree and grass pollen, mixed with a cold virus and a little vigorous basketball, prove a terrible combination for the men in my life. Exercise during cold viruses at any other time of year is fine, but not during allergy season.

In heaven there are no inherited diseases or chronic issues. Today and everyday we can celebrate that.

Giving Thanks Today

Dear Father, thank you for these blessings and graces:

~ Glorious sunshine

~ For the way 4-year-old Beth looked in that pretty spring church dress. A little girl in a pretty dress with white fancy socks.... Why does that image of my daughters always make me feel a mixture of delight and sadness, as though the whole affect is too fleeting for words, because I know how fast times passes? And a little girl's manners are so pretty and pleasing on Sunday morning, to match the dress and fancy socks it seems, doesn't it?

~ Making chocolate chip cookie-bar batter with my Beth after church. Nothing delights that girl more than princess clothes, pretty shoes, and chocolate chip bars. Mary, my other daughter, went through a fleeting princess faze only, being more of a frog- and worm-catching tomboy. Each child under this roof is so unique!

~ New art books eliciting drawing excitement around here, once again.

~ Beth got a Max and Ruby video from the library and Paul, paying some minor attention to it, announced that Ruby is a very bossy sister and how did Max stand it? And where are the parents anyway?

~ Hugs and prayers from friends at church

~ A good sermon

~ Explaining the Ephesians verses about husband and wife roles to my sons, who are going through Ephesians as part of their homeschool load. After our talk, it occured to me how blessed the boys are to be learning such important wisdom so early in life. Sometimes it makes me so sad that I was saved so late in life (age 31), but I can give heartfelt thanks that my children are growing up so differently. While their lives will still come with monumental challenges, the comfort of the Father, the beauty of a bigger picture, an eternal one, will always be there for them. How beautiful is that?

~ A husband comforting a son through the panic of an asthma attack

~ Albuterol with spacer already on hand, making a middle-of-the night ER visit unnecessary.

What's beautiful in your life today, my friend?



Tesha Papik said...

Oh I am sorry to hear you had a rough night. Thankfulness is so important on days like this.

Christine said...

Tesha, I am sorry you haven't been feeling better yet. Sometimes the nausea drags on and the exhaustino too. I am praying it goes away this week and you are graced renewed energy. Love to you, friend!