Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Finally Some Pictures

AWANA derby cars. These won first and second place in design.
 Husband worked overtime and bought us another camera. The other broke after Thanksgiving so I haven't posted pictures in several months. Catching up just a little today.
I fought a four-day migraine off and on and got behind on a lot of chores, so I'm refraining from regular posting until I catch up.
We also saw the ENT and found out that Beth's tonsils and adenoids both need to come out in July. She's at definite risk of sleep apnea because the tonsils are nearly a four, the maximum size. It will be so nice to see her breathing normally again, but this surgery can be a long recovery if the child refuses to drink a lot up front.  Miss Beth is a terrible patient--she just withdraws into herself from the trauma of the whole thing and refuses to drink. I will try slurpees and popsicles and a whole lot of prayer.
I was dismayed to learn that she has to go 20 days without any arthritis medicine to prevent a bleeding episode (ten days before and 10 days after surgery). I hate the thought of her well-controlled arthritis becoming a problem again. With God's grace though, this break from medicine could go well. It all depends on what God has for us, and on our choice to have an open hand to all he has for us, both pleasant and otherwise.
I had to practice that open-handedness while down with migraines.

Paul's jubilant jump when he found out he won first place in derby car design.

A salamander found on a recent nature field trip.

Rose-breasted grosbeak, a rare find for us.

hikers and nature seekers

You don't see California-mountain majestic beauty here in Ohio, but there's plenty of everyday beauty.

All are happy after the AWANA awards assembly.

It's plenty hot here this week, but this one of Beth was taken on an April nature hike.

My Mary also on an April hike.

Blessings to Give thanks for....

...the air conditioner wasn't broken afterall. Maybe it was the 7 loads of laundry I did on a hot day, that popped the breaker?

...quality library programs

...a fun church picnic

...a fun backyard barbecue at the AWANA leaders' house, at which my kids jumped their hearts out on the trampoline.

...the migraine subsided

...a good doctor for my Beth

...Beth, age 4 years, 5 months, self-weaning with nary a tear from either of us. It happened so naturally and beautifully and both of us were apparently ready. I'm sure there'll be a handful of nursings left as there's still a little milk to be had, but she remembers it less and less, sometimes going three days without asking. I give thanks to a glorious God for 12 years of nearly continuous nursing. I will look back on them as the best years of my life. I had my difficulties at first with each child, with Beth having the hardest time learning to nurse (one whole month!), but the rewards and blessings far outweigh those early, anxious, desperate tears. (4 years old is the average world-wide age for children to self-wean.)


Margie said...

Sorry to hear you we're feeling poorly friend. Those long migriaines can just be so exhausting. Been there myself too many times. Praying for you as always and saying some extra prayers for Miss Beth. My Aidan had his tonsils and adenoids as well as tubes done at age 5. After his recover, it has been such a blessing because he seems to rarely get sick now. Popsicles are definitely the way to go to get liquids in and keep up the pain meds for several days as well.

Christine said...

Thank you, Margie, for the tips. I will have to experiment with Popsicles now to find out what she likes. She doesn't get cold viruses any more than my other four and no history of ear infections, just the noisy, problematic breathing, and it all affects her progress in speech.

Have a great day, Margie!

Christine said...

Well, you would think I can't count at all. I meant more than my other 3 children, not 4. And I cuoldn't have nursed 12 years since my oldest is 11.5. So correct that....and I'll try to slow down and think.