Monday, March 28, 2016

My Baby Has Hair on His Legs, Oh My

Do you see this cute little boy? Don't you just want to squeeze the stuffing out of him, he's so cute? I sure do.

There we were today, sitting in the pediatrician's office for a routine check, and my 5' foot 7'' boy--who just yesterday was a downy-haired newborn--sat waiting on the examining table for the doctor, while playing "I spy" with his sisters. He had on ankle socks and I couldn't help noticing the manly leg hair peeking out from his jeans--all quite shocking to this Momma. His whole childhood flashed through my mind during their three rounds of I spy.

Exactly when did he become a man? How did my newborn, in a flash, morph into a hairy-legged creature with a definite mustache? 

Am I ready to let him go? Am I successfully working myself out of a job, and is it supposed to hurt this much? 

I'm so proud of my young man! He loves the Lord and cares deeply about the salvation of each child in this neighborhood. Twice a month or so he'll ask them...How are you doing with God this week? 

He lives each day to please the Lord and he fiercely loves his family. He protects his sisters, prays about their stubbornness, looks after his brother, and tells me thank you for raising my children to love the Lord. 

Becoming his mother 14 years ago was the happiest day of my 35-year-old life. He's driven me insane more times than I can count, but he's also filled my heart with an inexplicable love that forever changed me. 

Indeed, no one else has grown me or stretched me like he has. He's humbled me. He's matured me. He's taught me the intricacies of love and hope and endurance and grace. 

Thank you, Lord, for my baby boy. Thank you for my young man. Thank you for his life and his love and his loyalty. May he live true and bring many hearts to your Throne of Grace.

May he fiercely love you and follow you all the days of his life, and dwell in your House forever. Amen.

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