Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On Losing Weight

Nursing Beth for 4.5 years brought us a both a lot of good. I'm so grateful. In the last six months she slowing became less interested and grew to enjoy cuddling as much as nursing, whereas before every cuddling became a nursing.

I expected it to happen this year, since worldwide 4 years old is the average age to self-wean.

The process was so subtle and slow that neither of us are sad about it, thank goodness. The relationship took its full and natural course.

What I am sad about, though, is the loss of the calorie burn nursing affords a mother. I had quite forgotten most of the time that making milk kept me thinner.

I'm up five pounds and I'm eating the same, which is not much. During the peri-menopausal years a woman can expect to gain a pound per year, unless she exercises an hour a day or reduces her calorie intake.

Nutrition has always been an interest of mine and in the past I was an avid exerciser, at one point running six miles a day before my knees suffered. Low-impact gym workouts followed for many years, sans weight machines, but the gym visits stopped after I became a mother.

Walking and hiking took over, but a solid routine never arose as God continued to add to our family and to my responsibilities.

I'm up against some tough hormones and the battle to lose this weight, or at least stay right here, will be difficult and require much discipline. Growing old gracefully is a goal of mine, and perhaps accepting some extra weight might be part of that. I can't be sure though, until I try harder.

My body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and it behooves me to do my best in every stage of life, calling on God's grace and strength to help me.

I found 10 habits to avoid and thought you might glean something from them. I'm only listing the habits themselves, so if you want to read the additional information about each habit, you'll have to click on this Livestrong article.

1. Poor preparation (Have healthy foods on hand)

2. Not drinking enough water

3. Not getting enough protein

4. Consuming too many liquid calories (This is why I only drink water and skim milk, and in winter healthy cocoa 3 to 4x week.)

5. Not getting enough sleep

6. Skipping breakfast (I wake up famished most of the time so I never skip breakfast.)

7. Shopping the center aisles at the grocery store (stick to lean meat, whole grains, produce, lean dairy--center aisles have processed food. I eat 7% lean ground turkey, lean turkey sausage in pasta, white meat chicken from a baked chicken, and skim milk. I do use colby-jack cheese in casseroles 1x week. We only buy 100% whole wheat bread, and I eat 2-4 slices a day between breakfast and lunch.)

8. Poor record keeping (Write down everything you eat to uncover your worst habits.)

9. Not lifting weights (I've never liked weights, but I'll have to find substitutes I can use at home.)

10. Throwing in the towel (If you make a mistake, bounce back by the next meal; don't give up.)

Your turn. What works for you, and have you gained weight in your forties, despite eating the same amount?



Beth said...

Weight lose in the 40's - what a struggle but I have decided I am not giving up. I am going to be an example to my kids that you don't quit even when things are hard. Part of my battle is dealing with a thyroid that is low -- my first attempt with med caused me to gain 9 pounds in three weeks which was not what I wanted. I am still researching and working to see what I can do.

BTW - We know what causes Miss K's face -- it is a reaction to snot.

Christine said...

Hi Beth, Who knew you were in your 40's? I never would have guessed it. Your skin is gorgeous.

I am amazed at how hard this is. I really don't think I could eat any less without getting hunger headaches. Exercise it will have to be, which is difficult with four kids along. But like you, I don't want to give up!

Lisa said...

Oh dear, my friend....the dreaded 40s weight gain. I am 47 and have been hanging at the same weight - or a little less - than I was 10 years ago, only because of my gluten-free- sugar-free diet, I believe. But I keep hearing the same thing over and over - you WILL gain weight! Scares me. I want to grow old gracefully too, but I want to keep my "temple" in the best shape possible. As far as exercise, my work-out is outside - working in the garden, barn, flower beds, etc. Winter is the hardest time for me since I can't get outside, so I'm extra careful about my diet then.
You are so thin I can't imagine that 5 lbs would even show on you. You are still beautiful. :)
Much love to you.

Tesha Papik said...

I agree with Lisa you are beautiful and looks like in excellent shape. However I know how five extra pounds can feel so I understand wanting to be careful I have a wonderful reason to gain weight being pregnant but still the extra 20 lbs is heavy. Praying you have time time to do some refreshing exercise:)

Christine said...

Thank you, Lisa and Tesha. It shows, though, because I'm only 5 feet 3 inches tall. I'm hoping to establish a regular routine of walking twice a day, and somehow finding weights to lift.