Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Testimony of God's Faithfulness

I've been blessed in my Christian walk whenever someone has given testimony of God's faithfulness. These testimonies are valuable, and yet sometimes it's hard to discern whether a faith incident should remain in secret or not. Scripture tells us to give in secret, to pray in secret, so we don't draw attention to ourselves as a Pharisee would do.
Yet, when the Lord has challenged me to do something out of faith, it's the Old Testament stories and the testimonies of other Christians that have helped me decide, "Yes, God. I will do it!"
So here's a testimony:
Our usual experience with Operation Christmas Child has been more of contributing to boxes packed at AWANA, which is a smaller financial commitment then packing one of your own. This year we are in a different AWANA and the Operation Christmas Child emphasis was more a "pack your own box with your family" commitment.
This was quite a challenge to us, and at first we felt burdened. But as AWANA day approached and it was time to fill a box, we had a wonderful time as a family. Truly a pleasure, from start to finish, as has been praying for the 5- to 9-year-old-boy we filled a shoebox for.
When the bill at the cash register came close to $45, my husband and I exchanged glances and gulped. "Wow, God. That was expensive."
But we believed, and we told our children we believed. The transaction left us with $50 to last until payday, and not enough groceries to stretch us until payday. Still, we knew God's math is not like the world's math.
We told the children that when your plans are for the Kingdom, God would provide. When your plans are for yourself, this is not necessarily so. Thus, when discerning what to do, decide what you are truly working for...your own advancement, or God's?
Exactly three days later, $100 came in the mail from a friend whose family struggles to make ends meet. I was stunned, and definitely wasn't sure that accepting it was the right thing to do. I walked around the house with the bill in hand, confused and conflicted, at first not remembering our shoebox price tag.
I asked her..."Are you and your husband sure about this?"
Do you know what she wrote back?
"Oh, yes. We are very sure it came directly from Command Control." This she wrote with a smiley face. (Command Control of course, meaning God).
Then it hit me. It really was from Command Control, just like our pull to fill the shoebox in faith was from Command Control.
We needed milk; I try to make sure the children drink 3 glasses a day, which is a hefty financial commitment. While I expected God to provide for groceries, I didn't expect Him to provide more than double the cash register total for the shoebox.
Amazing. That's what God is. That's what His math and His heart and His radical grace is. Amazing.
When we step out in faith, God has far more opportunity to prove He's amazing. When we give testimony of his faithfulness, his Glory reaches more hearts, changes more lives, creates more occasions of glory, growing God's Kingdom.
God doesn't need our help. But he wants it.
He created us to bring Him glory (and to fellowship with him).
Please, share your own testimony of God's faithfulness?

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Beth said...

Thank you for sharing how when you obeyed God blessed and provided.