Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday (Kids' Edition)

Counting Blessings:

Beth, age 5

~ Mary, my sister
~ Paul, my brother
~ Peter, my buddy (also her brother)
~ Daddy
~ Mommy
~ God
~ myself

Mary, age 7

~ My sister
~ Webkinz World for my computer time (24 minutes - a number I can easily cut in half for a behavior consequence)
~ Paul, my brother
~ Peter, my brother
~ Mom
~ Dad
~ Good food (she complains about most dinners; go figure)
~ A house that protects us from snow and rain
~ Nice chairs to sit on
~ An indoor stove to cook with (they've seen the 3rd-world stoves of the impoverished, which are like going camping to an American)
~ Washer/dryer to give us clean clothes
~ healthy food
~ My library card

Paul, age 10

~ Knowledge and understanding (I credit AWANA verse memorization and Sonlight curriculum for this entry)
~ That math is easy for me
~ That I can be helpful and kind
~ Homeschooling
~ Big family
~ Plenty to eat
~ Warm clothes

Peter, age 12

~ Indoor toilets (Amen - it's in the teens outside)
~ House
~ Bed
~ Shoes

~ Pet snake (Actually, numerous times a day, he says he should have gotten a mouse because snakes don't move enough. Too many pets are noctural, I'm afraid. While the mice seem active and interesting in the pet store, in a home they would probably sleep all day. He's back to begging for a dog. Maybe this gratitude list is a reminder that he should be thankful for his pet, which he has to live with until his next birthday - 11 months away?)

~ Library card
~ Books
~ Everything


Beth said...

What a fun list. It is interesting to hear what they are thankful for.

Christine said...

Yes, it is interesting reading their lists. Reading them always reminds me of things I need to pray into their hearts (or pray out of them), and besides that, it usually gives me a few chuckles. Good to see you here, Beth. Bless you.