Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Update On Vanitha's and Pushparani's Hope: Giving Tuesday

I've written two posts about Compassion's Giving Tuesday, one of which celebrated Vanitha's story, the other detailing Pushparani's story. I wanted to update you on the giving as of 1:50 PM, Tuesday, Dec. 2. Our goal is $25,000 to fund a Child Survival Program Center in Gujarat, India by midnight tonight, and we're at $6,390 (26%)! Compassion International has passionate friends, so I know this will happen.

Please, challenge your family and friends to fund this phenomenal program. Share Compassion's links about the Child Survival Program, found here. Challenge your own children to pool their money and match what Mommy and Daddy give? Or challenge grandparents to match what the children give? Their hearts will soar, and yours too, and women and children just like in Vanitha's and Pushparani's stories will know Jesus, Hope, Love, and Joy, and be able to pass all of these miracles to others in their villages.

This is the way God chooses to work--he saves us and sets us apart for a purpose--and it isn't to serve ourselves. Praise God!

Vanitha and her child, courtesy Compassion International

Pushparani and her son, courtesy Compassion International

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