Saturday, July 11, 2015

Looking Back at My Babies

It's good to look back at their childhood and take inventory. Our old pictures paint a portrait of a simple but rich childhood. 

Nine years of gardens.
A thousand visits to parks. 
4000 dinners together at home.
100's of frogs and insects caught. 
Dancing in the rain every spring and summer. 
The County Fair every August. 
The apple and pumpkin orchard every October.
Raking leaves into jump piles every October and November.
Sledding and snowmen every winter.
The library once a week.

Nothing remarkable, but their lives have a predictable, secure rhythm. The natural world entertains them. Always present was togetherness, laughter, joy...through the seasons, through the years, through the rough spots.

I don't think I'd change anything. Simple is good and rich

God is faithful.


Beth Bullington said...

You are blessed indeed. It is good to look back and see God's faithfulness. PS - we had that same sofa. said...

What a beautiful family :-)

Lisa said...

What sweet babies! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today. :)

Christine said...

Thank you all for commenting on my flashback! We still have that same couch--in fact all the same furniture from ten years ago. It held up nicely, even though not very fashionable.

Tesha Papik said...

Awww love this sweet family flashback!