Monday, August 13, 2012

Multitude Monday: Receiving Him

It's Multitude Monday, in which we focus on thanks-living. But what does thanks-living really mean? 

I can answer that by describing its opposite.

When I wish Peter didn't have ADHD and its accompanying comorbid disorders, I'm wishing an experience away.

Not me, Lord. Don't let it be my son.

When I wish Beth didn't have arthritis in her knees and left ankle, and eyes that are vulnerable to inflammation and accompanying damage, I'm wishing an experience away.

Not me, Lord. Don't let it be my daughter.

When I wish Beth didn't have strasbismus (wandering, or lazy eyes) in both eyes, which could mean surgery this fall, I am wishing an experience away.

Not me, Lord. Don't let it be my daughter.

When I wish three of my kids didn't need speech therapy, and my son didn't need fine-motor help such as handwriting clinics, necessitating more appointments, I'm wishing experiences away.

Not me, Lord.  

When I wish we weren't low income and I didn't need to spend hours looking for used curriculum, and then more hours waiting for the sellers to check their e-mail, I'm wishing an experience away.

Not me, Lord.

When I wish the house stayed clean and orderly for more than an hour, I'm wishing an experience away.

When I wish I had more time for this or that, I'm wishing now away.

Pain and disease and toil arose from the sin curse. God didn't wish sorrow or toil upon us.

But He is powerful. He is the Almighty Living God who created everything. He can change our reality, if he wanted to.

When I open my hands to His blessings, that's easy. Everyone loves a blessing.

When I open my hands to sorrow and toil, what am I receiving, really?

Romans 8:28
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. 

I submit to you, I am still receiving blessing. I can open my hands with the same joy, with the same assurance, because of His promises.

When we tell a fifteen month old not to cross the street, he can't understand why. When the economy tanks and we lose our home, we can't possibly know the outcome. We're as blind as the fifteen-month-old baby. 

But God. 

He tells us His grace is sufficient. He tells us he works all things for our good. He tells us he'll never leave us nor forsake us. He tells us he's preparing a place for us in his Father's House.

I believe all His promises. Do you?

Thanks-living is opening your hands to all the blessings--the ones that taste like chocolate cream pie, and the ones that taste like lima beans. They're all good. 

He promises.

So thanks-living is believing. It's seeing with His eyes. It's saying yes to now. It's receiving Him. 

In every moment we don't wish away, we're receiving Him. 

Not just so we can feel happy, but so we can bring Him glory. 

In receiving Him, we bring Him Glory. 

So thanks-living is a moment to moment receiving and giving, at the same time. It's full communion with the Father.

It's beautiful.

My thanks-living list for today:

~ My three-year-old playing in the mud happy as a lark, looking for worms. 

~ Peter reading about bees and telling me how amazing God is. How brilliant His creation is.

~ Peter transplanting things in our garden, and coming in for his evening shower, telling me how hard he worked and how much he loves gardening.

~ My five-year-old daughter telling me that most of all, she wants to me a mom. And then maybe babysit other children.

~ The teacher we met with last week asked Peter why he wants to be a farmer. Peter answered, "I think it's what God wants me to do."  (His soul soars when he works the land, so I tend to think Peter is right.)

~ Paul whipping up some pumpkin muffins this morning, healthy ones suitable for breakfast, and telling me with a smile on his face, "Mommy, I just love to bake."

~ The Holy Spirit speaking to me right away, every time I wish a hard moment away.

~ Homeschooling; I've never spent a single moment regretting homeschooling.

~ 17 novels for $42 from one seller, and then another seller selling 4 more (exactly the ones I needed) for $14. The cheapest you can get any novel from Amazon, used, is $4 all included. Not all novels sell this cheaply on Amazon--$4 is the best case scenario. And buying individually requires a ton of time

The way it worked out? A God thing. If I'd had the money to click a few buttons and buy them all new from Sonlight, what would God have received? Not this due glory. When money is abundant we tend to think we earned it. That we deserved it--discounting who created us with the talents, skills, country-of-origin, and family situation, which all worked together, facilitating success. This is why it's written: Mark 10:25 It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

~ That I need God. I really need Him.

~ That hard times work out for my good, and if I open my heart to them, I'll taste the chocolate pie instead of the lima beans. (Forgive me if you love lima beans).

~ That every time we go to the doctor, we have opportunity to spread the Gospel. To point the way to Him.

~ That Peter asked his new neighborhood friend, Aidan, if his five-year-old sister could come over as well to play with Mary and Beth. Aidan's parents said yes, and five-year-old Vanessa came over. Miss Mary was so excited, she ran up to me after they'd played a bit, hugged me tightly, and said, "Mommy, can you believe it? I have a new friend!" 

~ My husband loves his children and lives for them, too. Gives all of himself for their good, just like their Heavenly Father does. Amen!

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Nikki @ Simplystriving said...

I see we were supposed to be neighbors today over at Ann's so I knew to read your post. It came so timely for me.

And I smiled wide when I saw that you use the word thanksliving, too!

"every time I wish a hard moment away....." I'm taking this with me, thank you.

Kelly Hallahan said...

yes, grateful for our need for Him! so true. and oh, how we need Him! thanks for your post today, it was really encouraging. blessings from Uganda

Christine said...

Nikki and Kelly, your comments blessed me. Thank you for visiting here.

Terri H said...

I am so blessed by your perspective as a mom of both older children, and young ones like mine. You are such an encouragement to me as you seek God in the mundane, the joys, and the struggles of your life. I want to see the blessings more like you do!

One of mine for today:

~My boy walked over and grabbed the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle collection off the shelf. "I'm a good reader now, so I can read these!" He plopped himself on the couch and read two 'cures', humming happily all the while.

Christine said...

Terri, thank you. Your son sounds so cute! :) What a blessing. We can't get enough Mrs. Piggle Wiggle around here.

TerraD said...

Love Mary's excitement over a new friend!

Christine said...

Hello Terra, I was so warmed by her response as well. Made my heart smile! Vanessa is a nice little girl, too.