Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Prayer for Eye Surgery

He's one of America's leading experts on lazy eye: Amblyopia and Strabismus. In 1999 he developed a surgery that changed the outcome for patients suffering from congenital Nystagmus. People travel from all over the world to have him operate on their children; I've seen them in his office over the years.

We've been seeing him since my daughter Beth was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at two and a half. She has a type of arthritis that can cause eye inflammation which, when left untreated, leads to blindness. She's had the inflammation twice, early on, but not for a long while now (treated with steroid drops). He adores my Beth and he's the nicest man.

He treated her wandering eyes (inherited from her dad and my paternal grandmother) with prisms in her glasses, to no avail. I've known since February that she needed this surgery.

He helps veterans with combat-associated eye problems, and he even said he might be able to help my 56-year-old husband, possibly, with the double vision he's had since childhood, due to a botched pediatric eye muscle surgery.

I'm so grateful God has seen fit to put us here, with this doctor.


The surgery is tomorrow morning and I'm so scared I'm having trouble concentrating and keeping my breathing even. I'm not quite sure why, because he performs about a dozen of these surgeries per week. Maybe because some kids have to have surgery again, or maybe because I'm afraid she won't wake up.

Please pray all goes well and that the problem will resolve after one surgery?

Thank you!

5 comments: said...

What you feel is perfectly natural. Praying for all of you x

Christine said...

Thank you, Sandy! I sure appreciate it. Have a blessed weekend!

Margie said...

Praying for you. Surgery is always nerve racking especially when it is your child. Take care!

Christine said...

Thank you, Margie. She is home and everything went well. I sure appreciate your prayers! How are you and your family doing? Did you ever get a new dog?

Margie said...

We did get a new dog! A puppy though, and he is a trouble maker. He is also very sweet. I will have to send you some pictures. Otherwise, we are doing well. The kids and I just returned from Puerto Rico. I took the kids there for the first time to visit my grandmother. We did not want to come back! Glad to hear that everything went well for Beth. Praying for you all!