Thursday, April 14, 2016

Guess What?

Guess what I've been doing? Working my tail off! I have two sibling children "enrolled" in my in-home daycare and preschool. They're three and five years old. We will only have the sister until fall, at which time she starts kindergarten.

Here is the little guy with the stuffy he brought from home. We are all in love with him already. The sister is nice and fun, but not quite so sweet as her brother. They are both bright and teaching them is easy. Speech is a challenge for the three year old, and we are still learning what sounds he is missing and what the substitutions are. One is /k/ and I'm trying to help him, but that's not an easy one to describe or show mouth position for.

My living room has become the playroom, the family room has become my children's school room, and half the dining room is the preschool room. Fortunately, my girls now read all their own social studies, science and literature, so that makes running a daycare easier than it might be. I have the girls narrate their assignments to me after they finish, and after the daycare kids leave at 5 PM (they're here full-time), I do writing and spelling with my girls. They boys just need me to check their assignment sheets and listen to them narrate, and of course I have to go over their writing assignments via regular writing conferences.

It isn't easy, and after three days I'm still getting the hang of it, but it's a blessing to have this necessary income. All my children love kids and they've been such a big help to me. They are learning how to run a business and be professional, and what hard work feels like. It's been a positive experience thus far, though I'm so busy I can barely check email once before bed. I've worked on this post a few minutes over three days, and don't expect to get back here very often.

And how are you, my friends? Anything new in your lives?

5 comments: said...

Congratulations! Praying for you all. A little piece of our news: my darling boy (he's so sweet - he's 16 but still so much a little boy because of his special needs) has been to school this week, for the first time since February (and even then he only went for a few hours). He is beginning to realise that his pain is not going away and being at school is more fun than being at home. I have tried, while he's been ill, doing some home schooling with him, but he's so un-engaged it's practically impossible. The only things I could get him to do were things related to his current obsessions (radios, radio stations and the sunrise and sunset). I also don't have the energy (given my own condition) to do it properly. I have huge respect for you to not only manage home schooling your own four but taking on two more as well! I hereby nominate you for the Nobel Prize for Mothering!

Christine said...

I am so sorry he has been so ill, Sandy. It sounds serious; I had no idea. Yes, schooling children with learning differences is quite challenging and exhausting. However, I am sure you did a good job. I think schooling special needs means looking at the big picture more than all the parts. Your instincts were good in using what he is passionate about at any given time.

And no nobel prize for me. Being a working mom is still heart-wrenching at times, and I am definitely a working mom, with less time for my own. I have to use the hours after daycare very specifically to listen to my own and their needs, which is difficult since I am so spent by that time of day. I wouldn't have chosen this. It was definitely chosen for me by my circumstances, and I have to trust God to help me make the most of it, remembering that souls count most to Him.

Much love to you, Sandy!

Tesha Papik said...

Hi my friend it has been so long! I am glad to hear you have started a new adventure and I pray it is going well for you! I have not blogged in so long and have been on instagram which is so much faster...Are you on there would love to see daily updates of you family? Anyways I was just curious about how your doing and stopped by to say hi!

Amber said...

New adventures all around.

Sounds like you have your hands full or maybe I should say fuller, if that 's a word.
I hope this summer goes well for you.

Blessing to you.

Christine said...

Good to hear from you, Tesha and Amber. Thank you for your kind comments!