Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My Daycare House

My house has changed now that it's also a business. You can see here what we've been doing. My girls appreciate that we're doing more art projects now. 

I just heard today that a new baby sibling will be born in December, whom I will be watching! How blessed is that? The whole SIDS thing terrifies me, but I love babies and I'll try to get past that fear as a daycare provider. The five-year-old sister starts kindergarten August 31, and then I'll have just the 3-year-old brother until their new sibling arrives.


Anonymous said...

This all looks brilliant. And a baby! I love babies, but I don't want more of my own. Hard work, though. I take my hat off to you. Praying for you all :-)

Lisa said...

Love the pics and update, friend. A newborn? Wow! That will be a challenge but oh, how I miss babies in my house! :)
Much love to you!