Saturday, September 18, 2010

Loving Heidi

I've been reading Heidi (Johanna Spyri) to the boys for a couple weeks now.  How I loved this book as a child!  And oh, people! I am loving it all over again.  What a masterpiece!  I spent two hours reading ahead the other night, after tucking the boys in.  Then on two other nights, I was so involved in the story that I ended up reading to them until 10:00 p.m.!  Me, who is such a stickler for a consistent bedtime!

About the third day into it I told the boys how I loved it so much as a child, that I wanted to be Heidi.  Peter said, kind of embarrassed:  "Me too.  Is that okay?  I wish we lived in the beautiful mountains too and could run with the goats." 

I love that Heidi always puts the feelings of others above her own.  She loves sacrificially.  I love her contagious good nature and her unabashed joy regarding nature.  She reminds me of my Peter, at times.  I love her conversion story and how she led others to faith in the book. 

Funny, but I don't remember this being a Christian book.  Reading it now, as an adult, I see so much symbolism.  I wonder if it influenced my heart for God, all those years ago?  I know I read it at least three times as a child--only Little Women was read (and cried over) more times by my little bookworm, childish self.   

A classic isn't just a book that's timeless.  I'm finding they're also books that teach and appeal to children and adults alike. 

Anyway, we are loving the Charlotte Mason learning style!  I'm reading a number of wonderful living books to the boys right now.  It's all such a pleasure!  More on that to come.

My mother is visiting right now, although she's staying with her sister.  I love her dearly, but why do mothers say things such as the following?

"Oh, my goodness, Christine!  You're so skinny!  What size are you, a 2!"

To which I answered, "No, I'm a 4.  I haven't seen a 2 since the second child was born."  (My bone structure in the hip area is completely different now.)

"Well, that's a good thing.  If you were any skinnier, you'd look like a meth addict!"

Gee.  Thanks.  

Let's make a pact right now, Ladies!  May we only say uplifting things to our daughters about their physical appearances (except in the case of immodest clothing, and then only gently.  Very gently.).

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Jess said...

i haven't read heidi lately, but i do find that i have enjoyed all the books kiersten has to read immensely. some are old favorites and some are new. what a joy to be able to read is!

and i understand the mom thing. i don't ever comment about my relationship with my mother on my blog because i designed it for her specifically. however, she frequently makes comments much along the same vein your mom does. who knows why they say what they do to us...but it has made me all the more conscience of what it is i say to my daughters (especially regarding their physical appearance). i hope your time with her and likewise her time with all of you is a double blessing! :) take care miss christine!