Sunday, September 19, 2010

fruit farm fun

This is one of Peter's recent Monarch's, raised from a large Monarch caterpillar.  When they hatch from the chrysalis they stay still and dry their wings for a couple of hours, then we watch them fly away.

Drying its wings on our blind cords.

A bad picture of a gray tree frog, caught in our yard.  Peter loved it sacrificially, letting it go after a couple of days.  I was so proud of him!

This is Peter's female praying mantis.  He loved it sacrificially as well, letting it go after about eight days.  Daddy helped him release it in our garden yesterday, after which Peter shed no tears, surprisingly.  The gray tree frog did have tears shed over it--he loved that thing dearly!

We had a delightful time today picking raspberries and Jonathan apples at a lovely spot about thirty-five minutes away.  Just lovely, although the weather doesn't make it seem so.

Grandma and Mary

Mary feeding the delicious berries to Beth.  What a sweety.  Beth's tiny tummy has a large berry capacity!  I was sorry to have to keep her in the stroller, but she wouldn't have treated the plants nicely.  She was content as long as we kept feeding her berries!

I assumed this place was an organic farm, but tonight I checked their website to make sure, and since I couldn't find the word "organic" anywhere, I suppose they use pesticides.  Oops.  We probably shouldn't have indulged without washing them first!

My mother is 69 and quite pretty.

I love pick-your-own farm locations!  Love, love, love it!  Daddy was studying for a computer exam today so he couldn't join us.  Picking as a family is a tradition; I really missed him today.  We'll go back in a couple weeks with Daddy accompanying us.

In the meantime, I'll be busy with a lot of baking and applesauce making!  A bushel is a lot of apples!

You can use this website to find a pick-your-own place in your location.  Happy picking!


Michelle said...

I just LOVE these photos! I am amazed at the size of that praying mantis!

Sandi said...

Great pics.

We love berry picking as a family but the only time Eli has been is while in my tummy :o) I don't suggest berry picking at 7 months pregnant on a hot summer day...just sayin'

Jess said...

my kids LOVED the picture of the praying mantis and butterflies. i honestly didn't know praying mantis' could be that large! wow! :) and the kids look wonderful as always. hope you are doing well!