Monday, September 13, 2010

Ann is home

Ann arrived home in the wee hours.  She will need prayer.  On the last day of these trips the bloggers visit the worst the area has to offer, in terms of physical poverty.  In Guatemala's case this was the city dump, next to which 20,000 people live in one square kilometer.  The water isn't even fit for rats.

Her husband and her six children, as well as her community, will not understand the depths of her sorrow.  She is forever changed, and will need lots of prayer as she lives in the tension of that change, and as she listens to what God wants her to do next, in response to the truth she's seen.  

Here is what Kristin did, six months after returning from Kenya.

If you don't have the $38.00/mo. required to sponsor a child, you can write to a Compassion child that someone else sponsors.  Some children don't get letters from their sponsors, and the letter writing ministry addresses that yearning in the children's hearts.  This post explains that to the children involved, the letters mean everything.  They are the life-changing link--relationship. 

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Sandi said...

I have been following Ann closely through out her trip and a few of the other compassion bloggers. I followed Kristin too back when she went. I hadn't read in awhile due to paring down my reading. so much has happened since she returned.

Honestly, I'm not able to really write about it. Between my friends adoption and the prayers and waiting... coupled with Ann's posts and even thinking more deeply about my own compassion child Jovia, I am a bit undone. My heart is on my sleeve.

I listened to Shaun Groves song and that did me in. I so want to help these kids but am not sure how yet. I am going to sign up to write other compassion kids and we are wiggling our budget to try and sponsor another child.

I am just rambling. thanks for posting all the links, friend.