Thursday, January 8, 2015

Flu 2015, Part 2

Well, it's all six of us now, down with the flu. Two of my kids vomited until their stomachs emptied, and two others only vomited once. After the initial emptying they were able to tolerate Gatorade and then crackers a few hours later. Unlike a stomach virus, this vomiting is not persistent, but it can cause fear in children, making them reluctant to eat or drink. A few sips at a time builds their confidence. Neither my husband nor myself have felt nausea and we've been able to eat most foods, just less.

The coughing and congestion are much worse than you experience with a cold virus, so heating some water in a small saucepan until just before boiling, and bringing it to the table to sit over with a towel forming a tent, will help ward off sinus and ear pain and keep you out of the doctor's office. If you let the congestion build up, it takes several steam sessions to bring significant relief, but the pain will decrease somewhat even after the first session. Have the children do this too.

Long illnesses can bring on depression, so it helped that I stocked up on movies from the library when Paul first fell ill. The movies help take our minds off our symptoms, but there have been times all of us were too sick to watch a movie. Our voices are weak, so I could only read a couple picture books.

I think Paul picked this up at a local college basketball game, which they've been going to more frequently because an 80-year-old woman that volunteers at husband's work church gives him tickets when she and her sister can't go. There's a fine line between not living a full life due to fear, and being prudent about illness risks. If we didn't have auto-immune arthritis and asthma here, I wouldn't need to be so concerned, but right now at least, I'm regretting that basketball game.

Amber, I feel for you going through this so long last fall. It makes life pass by so slowly, but I'm trying to find the blessings too. I'm witnessing the magnificence of the human immune system and that makes me give thanks to God.


Amber said...

Oh no, not all of you!
I'm so sorry, it's hard enough when the kids and hubby are sick, but add mom being sick and the world stops spinning.

Glad you and hubby are not feeling sick to the stomach, and I hope you all feel better soon.

I'll send up some prayers that this all passes quickly and you all recover soon.

Thanks for the thoughts, I was not happy to be sick, but I was happy it was not my kids...again.

Unknown said...

Praying for you and your whole family!

As He Leads is Joy said...

I am sorry you have been sick. Praying for quick recovery and for this not to set in further fears.