Sunday, August 9, 2015

2015-16 Homeschool Curriculum Part 2

Last week I posted my boys' eighth-grade curriculum. In this post I'm featuring the girls' curriculum. Mary is entering the 3rd grade, and Beth is entering the 1st grade.

Read Alouds: I'm reading from the Elsie Dinsmore books. This collection is over 100 years old so you can download them for free. See the link above. We also have other devotionals to read this year. I will also be reading aloud the Beautiful Feet history selections, as pictured below.

Reading - All About Reading Levels 3 and 4 Mary will finish Level 3 and also do Level 4. Beth will finish Level 1 and also do Level 2.

Supplemental Reading - Mary will also read her Beginning Reader Bible each day, as well as library selections. We also have some Christian stories in a 2nd Grade BJU reading textbook that she will enjoy. Mary loves Christian stories and often tells me afterwards how happy and peaceful they make her feel.

Spelling - All About Spelling Level 2 Mary will finish Level 1 and complete Level 2. Beth will not do spelling until she is nearly done with All About Reading Level 2.

Math - Saxon Math 2 for both girls. Mary will hopefully transition into Teaching Textbooks Grade 3 by February or March. She has dyscalculia and is behind grade level in Math, while Beth is somewhat ahead in math.

History - Beautiful Feet Early American History Primary Pack Both girls will be taught together, with mom reading aloud from the selections below. Notebooking pages, discussion questions, and character development elements are included in this package as well.

Writing - Daily Journal Writing--a minimum of 3 sentences every morning. Other writing will include the dictation exercises in All About Spelling. As she becomes more proficient this year, I will ask her to respond to literature in her journal. The Beautiful Feet History Pack will include some notebooking work in a composition book, also.

ScienceApologia Exploring Creation with Zoology, Land Animals of the Sixth Day 

Fine ArtsMeet the Great Composers Book 1 & 2 We will do this as a family.

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Karen said...

We're using the Apolgia Zoology 3 as well this year (2nd, 4th, & 6th graders). We so enjoy that series. It kind of makes me sad that it will be the final year for our 6th grader - he'll move on to the older Apologia books next year. Love the look of the Great Composers curriculum and will be looking into that - thanks for sharing!

Megan Russell said...

Looks like a great year ahead!! Stopping by from weekly Wrap up!!

Christine said...

Thank you Karen and Megan for stopping by and for your kind comments. I look forward to visiting you today!