Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Prayer of Surrender

Dear Heavenly Father,

We love you. We thank you for the radical love that made you say, "yet not my will, but yours be done” as you faced suffering and humiliation on the cross. Help us to live each day with that same radical surrender and humility. We want to, Father, for your glory.

Thank you for the gift of motherhood, whether by birth or adoption. To be a mother, Father, is a rich existence. Could anything be sweeter? Could anything but you fulfill us more? Thank you also for the depth of that love blows us away sometimes.

And you conceived it all, Father...both marriage and motherhood for our good pleasure and as a medium to refine our hearts. Help us to be clay in your hands as we mother and love. The selfless mothers are the best ones, Father, and we want to be that kind. The Jesus mothers. The ones who go out to the garden and pray "yet not my will, but yours be done.”

Whatever it is besides you, Lord, that we're clinging to, break the bond for us. Free us to love as radically as you do. May we regard our Bibles as daily manna without which we can't survive. May we regard prayer as our lifeblood, connecting to your Holy Spirit throughout the day. May we draw from your divine love as you enfold us in a holy embrace. Then, Father, from the overflow of that love may be serve and love others.

Help us to really see the connection between walking with you, and bringing you glory. If we don't walk in your footsteps to Calvery, we can't bring you glory. Full surrender is what we're after, Father. We want it with our whole hearts.

Satan whispers in our ear about this and that, trying to steal us away or discourage us about our God walk. Maybe one day it's that sylish dress, another day it's that lovely large garden or expensive scent. Maybe it's that couple over there who seem to have everything. Maybe it's that neighbor child with the near-perfect SAT scores, making us wonder if our child has enough smarts. Satan's rarely quiet and it's always something trying to steal away our contentedness and gratitude.

Mere distractions. Mirages. Help us to see through it, Lord. Distraction and discouragement are Satan's bullets. May we not fall, Father.

Make our lives matter for eternity, Lord? May we leave legacies behind that bring you glory. May our children rise up and call us blessed, knowing you're behind our radical love. May they see you clearly in our smile, in our embrace, and may they follow you, Father. Oh, to see our children in eternity, Father. How we long for that. Protect them from enemy lies; give them discernment. Call them children after your own heart.

We lay down our lives, Lord, without fear for tomorrow. Use us.

In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen


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