Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday Kids' Addition

What are you thankful for about your family?
Beth, age 5
~ My family are my friends and they like me.
~ They always smile at me.
~ Mary always loves me.
~ They're sensational.
Mary, age 7
~ They take care of my cuts.
~ I have a nice, cuddly, cute dog.
~ They give me good clothes.
~ They take care of me and teach me what I need to know.
Paul, age 10
~ They are loving people.
~ With a big family there is plenty of help and enough people to play games with me.
~ They are very nice and kind.
Peter, age 12
~ My mom and dad.
~ My siblings.
~ My dog.
~ I have lots of love.
What are you thankful for about your home or country?
Peter, age 12
~ My house
~ No earthquakes
~ No volcanoes
~ Loving family here
~ Freedom of religion
Paul, age 10
~ Safest country
~ No one starves here.
~ House is nice and big and comfortable.
~ Plenty of things to do--toys, books, games.
~ Safe home that keeps us warm. 
Mary, age 7
~ No tornadoes
~ No hurricanes
~ No mud slides
~ No rock slides
~ No volcanoes
~ Nice soft furniture
~ Nice toys and a soft carpet
Beth, age 5
~ It has what I want and need.
~ It has all my family, who are my friends.
What are you thankful for about God, or about being a Christian?
Beth, age 5
~ You smile when you're a Christian (My little girl is a big smiler, and loves other smilers. Even at age 5, she wakes up next to me every morning, throws her sleepy arms around me, smiles right in my face, and tells me I'm the bestest mommy ever. She is a balm to my soul.).
~ God is nice and he helps us.
~ He loves us and cares about us.
Mary, age 7
~ He helps me through tough times.
~ He loves me.
~ He gave me good bushes to catch crickets, tree frogs, and a yard with toads and frogs.
Paul, age 10
~ I know God.
~ No worries about Hell.
~ God loves me.
~ I go to church and feel happy about it.
~ I go to AWANA.
Peter, age 12
~ God's will
~ God's love
~ Going to Heaven
Momma says...
~ I am thankful for a loving husband, for homeschooling, for cooking with my children, for watching my children enjoy each other, for devotions with my family, for our dog and how the children love him, for our Compassion children, for God's Holy Word and the way it heals, straightens, strengthens, and fills.



Tesha Papik said...

Love, Love, Love this sweet post and the pictures of your precious family!

Christine said...

Good to hear from you, Tesha! Love all the photos of your sweet family too. Thank you for the precious ones of baby Julian too!