Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Beth's Red Riding Hood (a story)

Little Red Riding Hood 

By Beth

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Red Riding Hood. She lived in a cottage in the woods with her mom and dad.

One day, because grandmother was sick, her mother told Red to walk through the woods to Grandmother's house with a basket of dumplings and crumpets.

She went through the woods and it was kind of spooky, but she wasn't scared.

Soon she met up with a wolf and he asked her, "Can I have one of those dumplings or crumpets?"

Red Riding Hood said, "No!" and kept on walking.

At Grandmother's house, she saw that Grandma was lying in bed. Red Riding Hood didn't know that the wolf had come ahead and had hidden Grandma under the bed.

Red Riding Hood said, "Grandma, I brought you something from Momma."

In a rough voice, the wolf said, "Hello, my Sweet Pie."

Red Riding Hood said, " Grandma, what a big nose you have!"

"Better to smell you with, my dear."

"And Grandma, what big ears you have!"

"Better to hear you with, my dear."

"And Grandma, what big teeth you have!"

The wolf jumped up, growling, "Better to eat you with, my dear!"

Next, the wolf gobbled up Grandma, and was going to gobble Red Riding Hood too, but just then the woodcutter came because he heard screaming.

The woodcutter scared the wolf and the wolf sneezed, blowing Grandma out.

Red Riding Hood said to the wolf, "If you promise to never eat Grandma again, I will let you go."

"Fine!' said the wolf in a huff. He ran off to the woods.

Grandma and Red Riding Hood were very happy. Grandma said, "Thank you, my Sweet Red."

They both said, "Thank you, kindly," to the woodcutter, and off he went to cut trees.

Red Riding Hood and Grandma enjoyed their feast!

The End

(Dictated by Beth, who is almost 6, and who is now working on The Three Bears. Sorry no drawings, but the camera is out of batteries. :(


Lisa said...

So sweet, my friend. :) Thanks for sharing this.
Keeping you and yours in my prayers.
Much love to you!

Anonymous said...

I love the 'dumplings and crumpets'! Do you have dumplings or crumpets in the US?

Christine said...

Hi Sandy and Lisa,

You can certainly get crumpets here, but I haven't purchased them. She heard about them in a book featuring English culture.

Yes, many women make dumplings here, but I haven't yet, but I plan to try soon. They typically go in soup here or as a side dish with chicken. How do you make them there?

Anonymous said...

Crumpets are delicious dripping with honey mmmmmm

I make dumplings to go with stew. 2 parts flour to one part chilled suet, with a teaspoon of dried mixed herbs. I then mix it all together with a metal spoon or knife and a tiny amount of water. You add teaspoonfuls of water until it becomes a dough and then dollop them on top of a simmering stew where they steam until cooked. You're supposed to shape them into round balls with floured hands before you put them in the stew but I never bother. I just use a spoon and they're vaguely round but they never last long enough to be worried about them not being spherical!

Christine said...

That sounds easy. Will margarine work for "suet"? Here suet is for the birds, literally. smile

Do you do apple dumplings? My husband would like me to make those too.

Christine said...

Thank you, Beth. I accidentally deleted your comment about the suet, but I did read it and I appreciate it! I don't know if there is a way to retrieve them.