Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dear Diary: Thank you

I have a long overdue gratitude post to write. All I can say in defense is that it was a long summer and fall.

But first, I want to express some heartfelt thanks to you, out there, either those reading anonymously, or otherwise. It occurred to me today how much of a diary my blog truly is. This may seem strange, but I don't have people I actually see in real life read here. Or even people I know, other than the few people I've met through this blog and email with (currently 3 wonderful ladies). Most bloggers have their families and friends reading and commenting, but in my case, I truly write anonymously. All sorts of reasons make it comfortable to do so.

It would take a great deal of effort to write heartfelt content about what life and the Holy Spirit are teaching me, with an added burden of wondering who might be hurt by it and want to punch me the next time they see me. I don't want that responsibility--I'm not thick-skinned enough, and I'm not of the opinion that anonymous is shameful. And besides, I've given up all thought of ever being a writer.

Firstly, I want to be a very present mother and grandmother, and that wouldn't fit with attempting to write and market professionally (remember I hate social media, for one?). Writers are plentiful and many talented people have the time. And secondly, my spiritual understanding from the start of a post to the end of a post is often very different. I write to think, not to entertain or inform, though sometimes I try to share something helpful. Some people talk to think. Some ruminate in their heads.

But this is more than a diary because of you. You have been my support through the last five years, and I'm so very grateful. I have felt loved. No one has ever written me something mean, no matter how many times they might have been tempted. The Internet can hurt, but you, readers, have loved, in the absence of me having an extended loving family.

Thank you for being a blessing!


Tesha Papik said...

Yes yes yes, we love you!!! And you generously love back:) you friendship was such a comfort to me in hard times and I know when you say you'll pray you do! As for writing you are an excellent writer and who knows where the Lord will take that someday, especially with your humble heart! I so appreciate your passionate well thought out posts. Most of the time I only have time to put up some photos on my blog but I always take time to read what your write even if I do not comment on every post. Thank you for being a faraway friend:)

Christine said...

Your comments have encouraged me so much, Tesha, as well as your posts! Thank you for taking that time in your day. :)