Saturday, November 8, 2014

Christian Series: The Millers (a recommendation)

The Sonlight Christian homeschool curriculum company has exposed us to many wonderful authors and book series. I couldn't be more grateful for their work in perusing children's book markets, both secular and Christian, and bringing many gems to the forefront that parents may have missed on their own. 

This year my daughters' Sonlight Core B curriculum features Missionary Stories With the Millers by Mildred Martin. I couldn't love this book more. With each story I read aloud to the whole family, I'm more enamored with this author's work and her dedication to the discipleship of children--a topic near and dear to my heart. The missionary stories book is definitely for the whole family, perhaps starting at 3 years old. Each missionary story is about 4 to 5 pages long--perfect for nightly readings before bed, or for breakfast readings, accompanied by prayer for missionaries and persecuted Christian families the world over. 

Even adults learn much about the faithfulness and power of God, as we read how the Lord rescues and provides for his beloved children of God on the mission field.

I plan to buy all the other Miller books for a family Christmas present. No toy or outfit is as valuable as discipleship material. As Christian parents, we need to give gifts that matter for the heart and for eternity. Some Legos are great, but along with them we must give Life. 

When your children are grown and gone, you can use these discipleship materials for Christian classes you may someday be blessed to teach...and remember your grandchildren too!

I found the following list of materials here, along with buying prices ($7 each). There are a couple companion workbooks offered, which I've not featured here. 


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Thrilling adventure stories based on actual happenings. In these pages missionaries meet witch doctors, disease, drought, hate-filled guerrillas, a Bible thief, and dangerous wild animals.

Gather around the table with Sharon, Peter, Timmy, Laura and Beth Miller, and read about how Timmy saves an elderly neighbor's life, Sharon teaches summer Bible school, Peter shoots the wrong deer, Sioux Indians return good for evil, and much more! As always, each "Miller" story is based on true incidents and illustrates verses from Scripture.

Excellent devotional stories for primary and junior children. Each story is based on a proverb. The Miller children learn many lessons and ideals from God's Word during everyday life, family worship, and their parents' stories.

Ten character-building stories for preschool children. Each story teaches a positive moral lesson and begins with a Scripture verse for memorizing or discussion when the story is read. Attractive artwork.

Whether your children attend a church school or a homeschool, they will enjoy and learn from these true-to-life, character-building chapters. Read about "Peter and the In-Thing" (peer pressure), "The Five-Dollar Glove" (keeping agreements), "My Heart Says Amen" (death of a classmate), "The Wrath of Man" (God's power over an angry witch doctor), and many more!

Join the Miller children as they learn about health, safety, and courtesy . . . from the Bible. Each story includes a Scripture passage and illustrates various aspects of prudent living.

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