Monday, March 9, 2015

Good Stewardship Habits for Mom

I found some dresses for my girls this weekend at a consignment shop, and I'm almost finished outfitting my children for spring and summer. I include these thrift store posts on my blog for one important reason. 

My desire is to highlight the good stewardship inherent in choosing thrift stores and consignment shops to outfit ourselves and our families. God has been gracious to us, and he desires that we use our financial gifts responsibly. He asks us to help support the poor and needy, and the widows and orphans. One way to do that is to decrease our own financial burden so we can free up money to give.

Buying good quality clothes makes sense, especially if you have smaller children to hand them down to. There is also the possibility that you can help the poor by donating to Goodwill. Good quality clothes last longer and fade slowly so they can be handed down (or over) at least three times, provided Mom or Dad use spot remover promptly, and/or try covering a child's clothes before serving berries, mustard, juice or chocolate.

I found the following listed brands at a consignment shop, and these are the same brands I find at Goodwill. When I can't find what I need at two different Goodwills, I then go to the consignment shop. Goodwill hasn't had many dresses for my girls for the past year, and finding jeans for Peter has been very difficult there as well. 

Goodwill charges $2.50 per child's garment, and consignment shops typically charge $2.50 to $7.50 per garment, and more for outerwear. 

Here is the count for my last consignment trip (many, but not all, are pictured below):

Lands End - 5 garments
Hanna Anderson - 3 garments
The Children's Place - 5 garments
The Gap - 1 garment
Gymboree - 5 garments
Jumping Beans - 1 garment
Crazy 8 - 2 garments
Old Navy - 2 garments
Talbots - 1 garment
Rothschild - 1 garment (outerwear)
Sonoma - 2 garments
Arizona - 1 garment
Carters - 1 garment
Tommy Hilfiger - 1 garment
Green Dog - 1 garment
Maggie & Zoe - 1 garment
Urban Pipeline - 2 garments
Timberland - 1 garment
Misc. garments with label removed or missing - 4; and 3 sandals, not pictured

Total with a 20% off punched card to redeem = $253 for roughly 46 items

I don't typically spend that much at once, except after a tax refund. It's usually more like $30 to $60 per trip, with either a 20% or 35% off coupon or punch card. When you donate to Goodwill (at least around here) you are given a 20% off coupon. 

I could consign my items, but I want to bless the Goodwill shoppers who may not be able to afford consignment shops. Heck, I can't always afford consignment shops! I appreciate the families who donate good quality clothes to Goodwill.

I prefer dresses to be below the knee, and I find that Land's End, Hanna Anderson, and Gymboree usually make them that way. I only buy sleeveless if I have a sweater in mind to go over it. The sleeveless dress will be worn for Easter with a white sweater. One reason is to prevent skin cancer later because our shoulders are vulnerable, and the other is that sleeveless can sometimes be immodest depending on the cut. The dress on the left looks too busy with all the color, but it is very becoming on Mary.

The flowered dress may be worn with pink leggings. That's how I make the shorter ones work for my girls. I also put shorts under them in the summer because my girls still don't sit appropriately when they have a dress on.

Beth loves anything that looks like ballerina clothes. The hot pink number (too loud for me) comes with black leggings (it's Hello Kitty). She doesn't usually like black, but the definite ballerina look delighted her and it looks cute on her.

I don't ever find any shorts that seem appropriate for Christian girls, so I buy my girls cropped pants. There are 2 or 3 other jeans or cropped pants not pictured, with flower embroidery. 

Are you all ready for spring? Do you have a good consignment shop near you?


Anonymous said...

I agree! Reusing, recycling, upcycling, buying second-hand - all are good stewardship for different reasons.
We have more money these days but I still buy second hand where possible and, like you, consider that it is my privilege both to buy from (what we call) charity shops and to bless others by giving away things we don't need or use any more.
I am crocheting my daughter a little waistcoat for her birthday :-)

Tesha Papik said...

Great finds! I love thrift shopping but unfortunately her in LA the prices can be as high as the regular store. We are rally blessed and have so many cloths given to us from church family. Shayla especial receives lots of beautiful items because people know she does not have hand me downs:) When I do buy I buy from Tj max or Ross you can find department store stuff really cheap especial on the clearance rack.

Beth Bullington said...

I miss buying clothing at the thrift stores. I have been to the shops here but they just don't have much clothing. Right now I have a box of things for Miss K so I think she is set. I just have to buy at the store for J.