Saturday, April 18, 2015

Kristen Welsh With Her First Sponsored Child

Once your heart swells with love for a sponsored child, you dream about visiting your child, something which Compassion International facilitates for you periodically, grouping sponsors together for each trip based upon where the Child Development Center is that serves your child.

Different scenarios will go through your head as to how God might provide the money, as well as what it will be like to run up and squeeze the stuffing out of your beloved child-of-the-heart, and share your love as well with the whole family. The trip of a lifetime doesn't begin to cover what a privilege this would be.

Kristen Welsh's first sponsored child, with whom she and her son have been sharing letters for 8 years, lives in Ethiopia and since she had to go there to meet with Fair Trade Friday partners, she visited her sponsored "son" as well, now 13 years old.

It was so beautiful. I'm still crying and would love for you to go over to her site and read it, as well as the rest of her posts from this week. She and her 16-year-old daughter were in Kenya to do Mercy House business, and to meet Maureen's new baby! See the "special delivery" post in the list below to read about her Mercy House partner, Maureen's, new baby.

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