Tuesday, December 14, 2010

deep in snow

This is what a level 2 snow emergency looks like.  Unfortunately, when the cities partially close down, it means no work, no money, for a lot of people.  Snow plow companies are happy, though, working around the clock!

Nevertheless, it's incredibly beautiful!  

How much more lovely in the woods!  Wish we could be there now.

This free animated history site came through my homeschool group.  Really neat and educational!  Great thing to do on a snow day.

From our little family cake ceremony the other night.  Somehow, my two girls manage to stick fingers into every cake I make, before I can get the candles on.

We had to do a joint cake ceremony this year, due to Daddy's schedule.  The girls birthdays are five days apart.  That cake may look lame, but boy, it was good!


1 comment:

Sandi said...

We LOVE that cake too...thanks to you :o)
Happy Birthday to your sweet girls!