Friday, December 10, 2010

I will give thanks to the Lord

Psalm 7:17
I will give thanks to the LORD because of his righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High.

Dear Lord, 

I praise your Holy name!  Thank you for........

- children who suddenly like snow play.  A lot.  I love watching them out the window, as I enjoy a quiet house. 

- a morning spent sledding with Daddy.  They all fell into bed exhausted that night!  Long trek back up the hill, over and over again.

- the aroma of pumpkin pie baking, followed by heavenly gingerbread men (recipe coming soon).

- children who are soaking up spiritual lessons.  I heard two children playing in the shower rather than washing.  After two warnings, I went back in there and just shut off the shower, telling them they were done.  They sobered up quickly, apologizing for wasting water.  

Momma (after already yelling once today over lazy playroom clean up, and feeling guilty about it):  "Thank you for apologizing, Lovies.  It's okay--there's always grace."

Mary: "And mercy."

Momma:  "Yes, mercy too.  To have mercy means to not give a deserved punishment.  And grace is giving a gift, instead of a punishment." 

Peter:  "Jesus gave us both grace and mercy!"

- sharing the above conversation with husband later, and watching him shed tears, along with me.  These rascals are not easy to raise.  They do many childish things over and over again.  But they are learning about Jesus!  Praise God!

- a Cooper's Hawk on our chain link fence.  Awesome! 

sisters enjoying books together

- spontaneous dance parties

- grace to endure hard things, like watching our skin decay (husband and  me).  We are both aging very fast now.  Husband seems less bothered, until he sees a picture of himself.  Watching yourself decay is a scary, emotional thing--especially when people look you up and down, wondering if you are the parents or the grandparents.  As Christians we can usually put the decay in perspective quickly, going on with our day.  I am so thankful to have Scripture as a filter.  Life would be unimaginably hard without the promise of grace while on earth, followed by eternal life!

- folded clothes sitting behind me, rather than full baskets

- my oldest boy's decreased OCD symptoms.  He is reading again for pleasure without repeating lines! 

- a surprise package in the mail--homemade caramel popcorn from sweet friends!

- Miss Beth feeling better and sleeping well.

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