Monday, December 6, 2010

Perfectly Wonderful

When you're the mom of several, you might enjoy spending three hours (minus chasing your toddler around) doing a large puzzle of the world.

After the puzzle is done, everyone will celebrate the accomplishment.  

One day, you might wake up to find a snowstorm.

And while you're getting the older ones ready to play in the snow, your baby will climb and make mischief.

Mischief like, say, red Playdoh on the window.

And orange crayon on the wall.

Once the kids are outside in the snow, you'll see this.

When they come back in, you'll find this.

Snow play might make your pleasantly-crazy one giddy with excitement.

It's sooo cold, you predict they'll come back in after ten minutes.  

But you'll be wrong.  They'll stay out for forty-five minutes, for the first time in six years of Ohio winters.

Because you're reading Laura Ingalls Wilder books, your son might bring in some clean snow for snow candy--something you'd read about the night before.

When you're the mom of several you might have beautiful faces in your midst, begging to be kissed. 

 And crying faces, begging to be nursed and cuddled to sleep.

When you're the mom of several, life is.......perfectly wonderful. 


Sandi said...

Beautiful pictures!
Beautiful kiddos!
Beautiful Mama!

Rest assured friend those are some happy kids. Your doing such a great job making a wonderful ife with so little.

Christine said...

Thank you, Sweet Sandi! I'm blessed by that.

TerraD said...

Such a wonderful post!