Thursday, December 23, 2010

salt-dough ornaments

I found this post detailing an easy salt-dough ornament project, but the author didn't mention what kind of paint she uses.  Have any of you made these ornaments lately?  I have some puffy paints and some tempura in the house, but nothing else.  Would one of those work?  Hoping to do this tomorrow with the kids.

Thank you!

P.S. Did one of you pray for my Beth?  She took her medicine nicely this morning.  I was so relieved!!  I immediately thought that maybe someone (besides us) had prayed.  Thank you, if you did!  It worked!

P.S.S. I checked the Internet briefly and found another link.  This mom has some neat ideas for decorating the salt-dough ornaments.  Here is a comprehensive link on salt-dough crafting.

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Julie said...

We made those ornaments with the kids in the Kindergarten class last year. We decorated them with permanent marker & spray glitter glue. That actually worked well. We couldn't use paint because they had to be dry to take home soon after. I also made them when I was in Kindergarten & I still have mine. It was painted & brushed with glitter glue (although that was way to long ago to know what kind of paint that was.)