Friday, December 23, 2011

Blessings on Friday

No one has time for blogs this week and I wouldn't bother writing today, except that I need this thanks-giving discipline. I caught the girls' cold and while it was mild for them, it doesn't feel mild for me because Beth still isn't sleeping well. Too little sleep makes it harder for Mom to heal. If you have a baby right now, you know what I mean.

I bought a decongestant yesterday and maybe that will help my head? Have you noticed they treat certain decongestants like a semi-controlled substance, meaning you have to provide your driver's license and sign for it? Every time I need one I feel like a criminal. I always wonder if they'll say..."Sorry, you just bought one six months ago. We can't sell it to you this know, because of that meth lab you've got at home."

Thankfully, and this is the first blessing on my list, we haven't been sick since last April, and before that it was November 2010, so God has been kind to me as a mother these many months. In the past it seemed we couldn't go six weeks without another cold virus.

My everyday blessings:

~ Each child got a haircut today, thanks to a $50 bill my other aunt--on my mom's side--tucked into a Christmas card. These kids sported scruffy hair before today. The girls had never had a haircut at all, other than my own lame attempts. I only wish I hadn't asked them to texturize Mary's bangs. It doesn't look attractive, but they will grow out within a few weeks, I'm sure. At least the girls bangs are now straight.

When I opened the Christmas card and the money fell out, Peter was excited but I felt like crying. When you badly need any money people send, it makes you feel like crying, more from shame than anything else. Peter asked about the tears in my eyes. It's hard to receive sometimes, I told him. "Really? I don't think so." He receives gifts like a grateful, excited child. I receive them reluctantly, wishing I could be the giver instead. As much as the Lord works on me, I'm not sure that ugly pride will ever go away. Will I ever receive a gift like a child again, other than from my own husband?

~ Children using construction paper, paper bags, tape, glue, yarn, toilet paper rolls, and scissors to make gifts for each other.

~ I only need two kinds of potatoes, green beans, cranberries, and apple cider for our Christmas celebration. I'm thankful that's all I need.

~ Laundry caught up, folded, and put away.

~ Four kids who delight in new schemes and games. Lately they've been playing bandit and sheriff, running through the house with their teddy bears in hand, pretending to capture the one who stole the cattle or the horses or the sheep's wool. Each one gets a turn to play the bandit. Oh, the giggles! (Oh, the noise!)

~ A husband who loves the Lord and faithfully disciples his children through the Word.

~ Letters from Compassion kids.

~ A rare five minutes of quiet to drink a cup of cocoa.

~ Husband is off all day Monday.

~ A warm home in December. (Still no snow here. Is the earth turning correctly?)

~ A nearly ten-year-old who delights in time with Daddy. His Daddy is now the most important person in his life. This is how it should be as he slowly becomes a man. A mom must get out of the way in these years.

~ Three children who still fit in my arms in the rocker.

~ Your friendship. Yes, you, my reader.

~ A gift from my brother we can use to purchase curriculum we've been trying to do without. Praise God!

That ringing would be the drops bell for Miss Beth's eyes. I'm on a perpetual two-hour clock with these steroid drops.

May you have a blessed Christmas! Love to you all.

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