Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blessings on Thursday

Some months I feel nary a hormone effect. Three months running, in fact, found me sitting pretty.

Then, crash! I'm a mess. So forgive me if I have to count blessings for another week in an effort to avoid the exceedingly-ugly uglies, as opposed to just the serious uglies.

I'm thankful for...

...giggles in the bath.

...toast and hot cocoa.

...a cupboard full of baking supplies.

...a washer, dryer, dishwasher, a working furnace and water heater. and fabulous Family Advent Devotions by Billy Graham, courtesy of the AWANA program--kid friendly with interactives.

...boxes of candy canes, only a $1, delighting my children.

...a Christmas tree.

...the large, round, pinkish mark on my cheekbone that needs to be checked by a dermatologist (I'll go in February). I have no insurance and no doctor and this whole matter reminds me of my total dependence on the Lord for everything. Total dependence on God? Not a bad thing.

...the rapidly-uglying aging process that, again, reminds me of my total dependence on God. When the mirror scares, what can one do? Nothing. That's precisely the point. You look to God for any form of beauty left in you. Some have good aging genes and sail right through this, but I deal with some unfortunate genes.

...a curious and sweet son.

...a cuddly and responsible son.

...a loving and giving daughter.

...a giggly and fun daughter. days at home.

...pumpkin pie for breakfast.

...a depleting laundry pile.

...a depleting folding pile.

...clean socks and underwear.

...acknowledging and typing my blessings. It uplifts my spirit.

...praying for others. It leads me away from myself.

...chili for lunch.

...the beautiful sunset last night. The sun came out, finally, right before sunset time.

...the cross-country ski exerciser, which brings sanity to my children on cold and rainy days.

Have a blessed day!

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