Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blessings On Wednesday

Counting my everyday blessings:

~ Four children taking their new teddy bears along to the bank. On the way home they asked, "So teddy, how'd you like the ride? Did the rain scare you? Did you like the windshield wipers?" Yes, even the almost ten-year-old likes his new teddy bear. Earlier today we talked about the world's two most famous teddy bears--Pooh Bear and Paddington Bear--and how entire books were written about their adventures. I think teddy bears are one of the most imagination-sparking toys a child can own. The possibilities are endless. Miss Mary is now making a teddy bear journal.

~ Suddenly, Beth knows all her colors.

~ Peter writing reading lessons for Mary.

~ Beth charming the staff at physical therapy. She cries most of the 30-minute drive home due to fatigue and impending naptime, but while she's there the word charming doesn't even cover it. This can be said of most 3 year olds....charm and stubbornness all wrapped up in one beautifully exhausting package.

~ We checked out a Mary Poppins movie from the library. We hadn't seen it before and normally I don't get a book-based movie until we've read the book, but because of family movie night I made an exception. My two favorite movies are now The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins. There are five Mary Poppins books and we plan to enjoy them all. We're thoroughly charmed. The children have taken favorite phrases from the movie and Mommy has too. "Come along children, spit spot."  "Oh, Bert, you're worse than the children." Oh, the giggles. We all have our favorite scenes. Mine is when they try to get Uncle Albert to stop laughing and come down from the ceiling. The songs are wonderful too. I'm hoping the library has the sound track for check out. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious has been all the rage here, as well as A Spoonful Of Sugar.

My favorite thing about the story is the timeless reminder for parents...treasure your children...lay down your life for them...don't get caught up in your causes and grown-up worlds and let their childhoods pass you by.

I have more...much more to say. But time to make dinner and shuffle the laundry. Have a blessed evening!

Mary Poppins [Book]


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Jess said...

how funny! i just checked that book out for kiersten today. we had already seen the movie and i was looking for something for her to read over our week off.

i like the laughing scene best myself. :) lots of love to you.