Monday, April 30, 2012

Thankful Reflections

Victorian Lady II
John O'brien

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul. Henry Ward Beecher

Lord, I thank you for...

...a friend sending a prayer cloth for Beth in the mail from CA. Prayer cloths are mentioned in the book of Acts. They have no healing power of their own. Rather, they're a point of contact--a way of combining the prayers of people who aren't in the same location. Our church does not anoint with oil, but my friend put oil on the cloth while she and others prayed for Beth. We put the cloth on Beth and add our prayers to our friends' prayers. I don't understand why the sick aren't anointed with oil as a rule anymore. Husband said there's no biblical reason for this practice to have fallen away. (I'm sure some American churches still do it regularly.)

...a basketball hoop for the boys to get in shape, and for mom and dad and the girls to join in when we can.

...delighting over Pooh Bear tales.

...Beth's flare subsiding more.

...freshly mown grass.

...pineapple upside-down cake.

...a nurturing Beth covering her bunny every night before bed, and re-covering him during the night when she wakes up. The covers have to be just so for bunny to be happy.

...Mary helping with baking and asking, "Aren't I going to be a good mommy some day?" 

...Mary asking, "Mommy, how do I get started being a mommy? do I get the house?"

...a nice uncle and aunt visiting from Washington D.C.

...another visitor wrapping up her two-week visit in a few days. Visitors are a blessing, but getting back to a schedule is attractive too.

...children who behave nicely away from home and with visitors. Kind of frustrating when they let their hair down at home, but being able to count on their good behavior elsewhere? What a grace. It hasn't always been that way, but with the youngest turning 3.5 yrs. this June, things are easier in many respects. girls still wanting to cuddle often...and my Paul too, who will never stop cuddling, I'm sure. He'd do well to marry another cuddle bug.

...library books to enjoy together.

...the promise of warmer weather this Wednesday. husband, the most wonderful man on earth (to me). The only truly selfless man I know.

...five pairs of very nice jeans for Peter from our latest thrift store run. He was down to just two pairs without holes and I couldn't keep up with his laundry. I don't get to go shopping very often, so finding five pairs for $3 to $5 each, at the same store? A God thing, surely. They'll fit into the fall, too.

...after reading about Tiddly Winks in a Mrs. Piggle Wiggle book, Paul found a used Tiddly Winks game at the Goodwill. What a blast they've had playing it these past few days! They bring their own money when we go to Goodwill, and they always find nice board games for $2 or less. On the last run they found Backgammon, which they're still enjoying. My boys don't play with toys anymore, so games are a godsend.

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Terri Tiffany said...

You listed so many wonderful things to grateful for that you made me relook at things I overlook.
Thank you for your kind words to me about my final blog post. You are right in many ways. I found it hard to write when I am feeling depressed about my life right now and felt people don't want to read that--it's been going on for so long that I'm tired of it too! I do plan to share when God begins to reveal more to us about what he's doing in our lives. I just want to be happy and be with people who care and who I can care about. I feel so lonely here in Texas. I want to live closer back to home but that would mean a miracle job to appear. I know God can do anything-- he brought us here when we were about out of everything.
I am so grateful for it but can't get over this feeling of being a nomad and want to return to where I can be involved on other's lives.
Thank you for caring!

Christine said...

Oh, Terri. My heart aches for you. I am so sorry about the loneliness and the long, long trial you've both been through. I will pray for the miracle job, and for genuine friends in Texas in the meantime. Much love to you!