Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Prayer Warrior Life: A Prayer System For Busy Moms

Prayer does not fit us for the greater work, prayer is the greater work
Oswald Chambers

I've had my fill of personal prayer systems that rely on paper...any kind of paper. It's not durable enough no matter how it's bound, especially when there are curious little ones around wanting to imitate mommy. They're known for taking the books Mommy's reading and hiding them--no, not purposely--in obscure places. The places in which they were last playing let's-pretend-we're-a-mommy. Except that hours later they can't remember where it was they were playing let's-pretend-we're-a-mommy. 

Or is that just my house? 

Are you looking for a practical, durable prayer system--one that's portable, even, and can be kept on high shelves when necessary? 

You're supposed to say yes.

Five Star Advance Index Card Keeper,1 / Each - Assorted
$1.99 Mead 4-pocket index card keeper, holds up to 100 3x5 index cards, stretchy band to keep it closed, sticky labels to label compartments 

$3.99 assorted colored index cards (I bought both these products at Marc's discount grocery store, but the price on the card holder was only ten cents cheaper than the Amazon price above.)

Try card stock! In the form of index cards! Carried in a holder with compartments! 

You know I'm really excited when I start breaking important writing rules. Like the one about no exclamation points.  

Are you kidding me? A durable, portable prayer system? Of course the exclamation points are necessary. My three-year-old Beth likes to crinkle up her nose and eyes, put her hands on her hips, and say, "Are you kidding me!"

I bought colored index cards to go with mine. Below I'll detail a handy system you can use with the card holder and index cards. The blank sticky labels that come with the card holder will be needed to label the compartments using day(s) of week. 

1st compartment: Pink cards = Pray these every day
These cards will list urgent prayers, such as those for salvation, on-going health issues, and critical situations such as job losses and relationship breakdowns

2nd compartment: Green cards = Pray these Tuesday and Thursday
These prayers are for church and country--pastors, leaders, spiritual direction, the economy, family values, pro-life concerns, materialism, wars and critical international situations.

3rd compartment: Blue cards = Pray these Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
These prayers are specifically for our children, our husband, ourselves, and our own extended family, but not salvation, health, or critical issues, since they are covered on the pink cards (every day prayers). Include issues such as sibling rivalry, our children's spiritual habits and growth, their purity, specific heart issues you've noticed, their study habits, their friends, their future spouse/marriage, in-laws, and children. For husbands, perhaps prayers for strength as they lead the family, purity of thought and action, consistency in their spiritual habits, wisdom and holiness in the workplace, and parenting strength and wisdom for them as fathers, as they build up their sons and help them become men, and for wisdom and gentleness as they parent their girls. 

Remember to include prayers for your own spiritual growth, consistency of habits, purity, strength, and stamina. I always forget myself when I pray. How silly is that? 

4th compartment: Peach cards = Pray these Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday
These prayers will be for your friends, neighbors, and church family, but not for salvation or critical issues, since those belong on the pink every-day prayer cards.

This is just a sample. There are many different ways you can do it. When we pray before each meal, we always pray for our Compassion children's food supply and for their salvation. We also pray for them using the prayer jars after every meal. In my personal prayer system, I have their needs on pink cards, since their abject poverty makes all of their needs urgent ones. When we get their wonderful letters in the mail, there are never any pictures of their homes or living circumstances. It's easy to forget the shocking living conditions they endure on a daily basis. They desperately need our prayers!

There you have it. A durable, portable, small, hide-it-from-little-hands prayer system. Ready. Set. Go pray!


Tesha said...

Oh wow this is Awesome(!!!!! HA) can I copy it for my personal use?

Christine said...

Yes, by all means, Tesha. Thank you for your encouragement!