Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Things Kids Say

Last week's preschool AWANA verse involved the word follow, as it related to the disciples following Jesus. The teacher asked what it means to follow someone. No one answered, although I'm sure most were capable of explaining follow if they'd been willing.

Next, the teacher asked, "What does it mean to follow your teacher?"

Bobbie, our newest girl, raised her hand and answered, "It means you get lost."


Last night I was in the bathroom washing my face and brushing my teeth while Mary watched and talked with me. We had just finished a serving of Mary's 6th birthday cake, on which she'd requested sprinkles. (Yes, Beth also had a recent birthday, six days ago. They are now 4 and 6 years old!)

Anyhow, I mentioned to Mary that I don't think I'll put sprinkles on my birthday cake because I don't like the way they feel crunching between my teeth.

Mary responded, with a puzzled look, "Do you even have a birthday?"


A couple weeks ago the AWANA teacher asked the preschoolers, "What does it mean to please God? How do you please him in your home?"

Lily, the spunkiest preschooler, responded, "When my dad needs to give me a spanking, I bend right over and get my bottom ready." 

A few minutes later, Lily ran her fingers through her blond curls. "Oh, my hair! I can't do anything with it. It needs a shampoo."


Margie said...

Ahh, sweet. Happy Birthday to your sweet girls!

Unknown said...

LOL how cute, I love this!!:) Hope you had happy birthday celebrations.

Lisa said...

Such sweet words! Thanks for sharing and giving me a smile.
Much love to you!