Monday, February 4, 2013

My Blessing List (during influenza)

1 Thessalonians 5:18
give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Influenza made its way into our home last Tuesday and everyone but my husband fell sick. Isn't it ironic that we all got a flu shot last December, except him? He had shingles at the time and decided to wait to get it--then he forgot.

This is miserable and it does take time to recover, with the cough, congestion, and headache lasting a long while. I just hope husband doesn't get it because his will be worse.

So far we've stayed out of the doctor's office and I pray it stays that way. Flu shots make the illness less serious, even if they don't get the strains just right.

I skipped Beth's Sunday methotrexate dose to avoid suppressing her immune system again this week. Her only side effect from this chemo drug (so far) has been one canker sore in her mouth. I've never had one but I can tell it's painful. Folic acid helps avoid them and other side affects so I got permission to give her an extra half-serving of vitamin gummie, since none on the market have more than a 50% daily allowance for folic acid.

I have to dig far to come up with some blessings right now, but I'm determined to try:

Dear Father, thank you....

~ for pretty snow falling for a few days. I'm celebrating snow today with some beautiful pics found here.

~ for wholesome library movies to keep everyone resting and drinking fluids.

~ that though I'm weaker, I'm still able to do laundry and dishes and meals, and a little sweeping. That's God's grace in action.

~ my once-a-year perm time finally arrived and life is sweeter without straight, limp hair. The curls also hide the white, forty-something hairs a little better. I have to wash my oily hair once a day, and the bangs twice a day. My face stopped breaking out for the most part at age 43, but the oily forehead appears to be here to stay, despite the witch hazel applications. When I think back to the acne (starting at age 12) and all the damage it did to my face and psyche, I ache for my four children and pray so hard they'll not inherit it. Modern medicine just hasn't been able to help this sad condition.

~ gingerbread pancakes (the ginger helps settle stomachs a bit too. Kids can get nausea with the flu, but adults usually don't.)

~ for psalms that soothe the heart and the aching body.

~ the kids are too weak to do school, but I've been reading the next biography--The Wright Brothers--and loving it. My boys will hang on every word of this book. They're both entrepreneurial in spirit, like the Wright boys were at this age.

The Wright boys' father was a minister but he also liked to make things. His shed full of tools really gave his boys a great start. The first thing they ever made? A sled--one that was longer and narrower than all the other boys' sleds, because their mother taught them about wind resistance. She drew a picture with dimensions and explained about the wind resistance. Her sons never forgot her lesson about wind resistance, and that if the drawing is right, the object you make will be right.

Landmark Books: The Wright Brothers   -     
        By: Quentin Reynolds

~ for prayer and that while I care for sick little bodies at night, I'm awake for extra prayer time and prayer always makes life sweeter.

~ for picture books about snow. I love books about the different seasons because they point to God's glory so often. Snow books are always a lot of fun.

What are you thankful for today?


elizabeth said...

Beautiful thanks in the middle of so many challenges. God bless you and yours with His healing and strength. I'm visiting from Ann's.

Tim and Richelle said...

gingerbread pancakes sound delightful.

hope everyone recovers soon.

Tesha said...

Oh I am so very sorry your are all sick. I will be praying for your complete and quick recovery. Also that your husband stays well!I am always encouraged by your thankful heart in the middle of difficult circumstances. That book sounds wonderful, I will have to get it for my boys! They have a strong entrepreneurial spirit also. Praying dear friend!

Margie said...

So sorry to hear of the flu in your home! Brian brought a touch of it home this past week after his travels. He is still feeling a bit under the weather, but no more fever at least so he went back to work. The rest of us had the flu shot so I am hoping that it skips over us. Prayers over your way and feel better soon.

S. Etole said...

Hopefully all of you will soon be feeling well again.

Christine said...

Thank you all for visiting and for your kind comments.

I sure hope the rest of you don't get it, Margie!