Saturday, February 16, 2013

Prayer for Vehicle Purchase, Please

Dear Friends, a godly couple from our church is selling their elderly parents' 2003 Ford Windstar Minivan with 75,000 miles on it for $3000. The appearance is like new, not having been used by children. It will probably need a battery right away because in the last year their father stopped driving and the van was started frequently, but not always run daily or even weekly.

Blue Book lists about $4000 for this year and model, so the price is excellent and the mileage is of course unusually low. Though this van is nearly as safe as our Toyota Sienna, Ford Windstar's reliability is just average, at least for this year. Ford changed the name to Freestar after 2003.

We ran that Toyota Sienna up to 226,000 miles as I said, and we had no pricey repairs at all--a miracle considering its age. There were annoying things like outside door handles that broke frequently, and the keyhole device had to be replaced, but we didn't put much money into that van after purchasing it with an initial 126,000 miles on it.

We would prefer another Toyota Sienna, but I know that individual vehicles can be lemons or highly reliable, depending partly on God's plan. Consumer reports and expert reviews can't tell the whole story.

Please help us pray? This is a big decision for a family with little money for pricey repairs (reliability is so important). We test drove it Friday night and will talk again with the couple after church on Sunday.

We have a rental van right now and can use it for 24 days if necessary, so while we'd like to get this settled, we do have a little time.

Thank you for praying!


Terri H said...

Do they have the service history? That would be good to look at. Wow those are low miles and a great price, but I sure do understand your hesitation. Reliability is so important. Will pray right now.

Christine said...

Thank you for praying, Terri. I so appreciate it! The couple took it in for all the regular maintenance point checks, but we need to ask whether the transmission has been replaced, and what major repairs they had on it, if any. Transmissions are so expensive, at usually $2000, so that is a huge issue.

Tesha said...

Praying for guidance and wisdom for you and your husband.

Lisa said...

Praying right now, my friend.