Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Windows 7 or 8? Help!

We have two desktop computers, one 7.5 years old and another that's 10 years old (both have Windows XP). Curriculum I'm interested in for the boys this year requires an updated operating system. I've decided we'll keep using the 7.5-year-old computer because it can still be used with their Math CD Rom program, Teaching Textbooks, and it's located in a quite bedroom. A quiet room is a necessity for their math program.

For other curriculum requiring an updated operating system, I'm looking at laptops and noticed that Windows 8 is not particularly liked? As's not user-friendly at all, especially for non-smart phone users (who aren't used to touch-screens)?

Has anyone updated their computer lately? Can you tell me how you adapted to Windows 8? My boys like technology and would probably enjoy learning a new system. But the mom here? Not so much. Should I try to get something with Windows 7? How did you adapt to Windows 7 after using Windows XP?

Any recommendations on laptops for $550 or under? I've never owned a laptop, and only briefly ever used one. Thank you!


Tesha said...

Well We have an HP 635 I think it was around 400. It is 7. It has given us quite a bit of trouble and has very low memory. Of coarse I do take a tone of pictures that are high in size. I like HP because of their customer service. Our printer just went out and they promptly mailed us a new one. Then set it up for us over the internet. I also had a VISO that was a great laptop computer! We have gone through a few laptops, it is because the kids hit them. They are very sensitive to impact. My mom got windows 8 and said she like it but it is different. Saying a prayer that you get an amazing deal!

Christine said...

"Sensitive to impact". Doesn't sound like a good thing with a four-year-old in the house. Guess I'll look at desktops. Thank you, Tesha!