Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Morning Quick Write: My Paul Praises God

Each morning we start with breakfast, mom-led Bible reading (Daddy is already gone when we get to the table), and round-robin prayer as usual, and this semester we're consistently adding this to the morning opening: 10-minute quick writes

Before I set the clock they write a date opening in their journals (all except Beth, who writes the capital letters instead):

Today is Tuesday, January 7, 2014.

Once they all complete the opening, I set the timer for 10 minutes, after which they write anything they want. I have a list of suggestions taped to the window next to the dining table.

Quick Write Ideas: 

- Make a list (blessing list, grocery list, list of what you like about winter...)

- Tell about your day or week (narrative writing).

- Write a song or rhyme. (Even a song or nursery rhyme they already know, but no copying anything; there is nothing in front of them.)

- Write a short story (to be continued the next day, if desired). (narrative writing)

- Write a recipe from memory, or make up a new one. (expository writing)

- Write a prayer or a memorized verse.

- Describe someone or something. (descriptive writing)

- Convince someone of your point of view. (persuasive writing)

This is what my Paul, age 10 wrote:

I am going to write a song:

Lift the Lord up,
He is almighty.
Lift the Lord up,
He is the rescuer.

The Lord is wonderful;
he is amazing.
We praise him in the morn;
We praise him in the night,
He is amazing.

Lift the Lord up,
he died for us;
Lift the Lord up,
he rose.

The Lord is wonderful;
he is amazing.
We praise Him in the morn,
we praise

Parenting is so hard and there are so many things to work on in our children: heart issues, hygiene issues, responsibility issues. Even at 10 years old, my boy needs me to point out when there's food on his face. How he doesn't feel it, I don't know, but when we go somewhere, I know to check four faces for cleanliness.

The time we spend on Bible reading, prayer, and discipling does sink in. It does matter. The Holy Spirit makes our efforts a success. Obedience is our part, success is His.

Usually we have to continue on in faith, with little feedback about outcomes. Sometimes, though, we get a picture of God's glory shining through our children, and that makes every ounce of exhaustion and effort worth it.

Lord, we praise you for accepting our imperfect efforts, and using them to shape hearts that are fixed on you. Please accept heartfelt, teary gratitude from weary Christian moms everywhere. Amen.

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Tesha Papik said...

First of all I love the idea thank you for sharing it! Secondly what a beautiful sweet song he had such a wonderful heart.

Christine said...

Thank you for visiting today, Tesha. I always appreciate your sweet comments and enjoy your friendship! Bless you, and thank you for all the photos of your sweet baby boy!

Terri H said...

I tried to find the last time you posted about your headaches, and then just decided to post here. I was thinking tonight as I was headed for bed about how much less medication I have taken just over the last two days with using the techniques from this video, and I thought of you. I know you want to avoid the medication and the caffeine...maybe this could help you, too. You can see the videos on this site that describe his philosophy and I think the different kinds of headaches. My headaches have not always gone away with using the system, but I have managed them without medication. God brought you to mind and I wanted to share.

Christine said...

Thank you, Terri. I will check it out. I am off the Elavil because it didn't work for the migraines. Back to Tylenol and Caffeine to combat them, but not everyday. Next time I see a clinician, I'm going to request the antihistamine the pediatrician gave Paul, to see if it will work for me, too.