Friday, April 22, 2011

the cup of wonderfulness

Good Friday to you!

Husband had a half day off so we went to a noon Good Friday service at our church.  We sat together as a family, which was such a blessing--notwithstanding the inevitable preschooler wiggles.

During one part of the grave, emotional sermon, the preaching pastor asked a rhetorical question:

"Do you know Jesus?"

Mary answered, not in a loud voice, but in a voice that carried:

"Yes, I know Jesus!"

It was a packed mega-church, so only several pews around us heard.  I'm sorry children were ever taken out of church services.  Truly, I am.  They bless!  Sometimes more than any preacher ever could.

It was a beautiful experience.

I picked up Miss Mary and held her during the last song, enabling her to see better. And also, because I just love holding my sweet babes while singing to Jesus!  Mary held me close, her cheek against mine, and softly rubbed my back.  It was so precious!

After the piano player finished the last of Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus, which the congregation sung together, Miss Beth clapped her appreciation and cheered, "Yeah!"

And finally, as we walked back to the van in the cold, driving rain, Peter said to me:

"Mommy, I'm not sure I understood all of it, but I did understand this part:  He took the cup of sorrow so that we could take the cup of wonderfulness."

"Yes, Peter!  That is Easter!  You understood perfectly!"

Happy Easter, Friends!  Wishing you Resurrection joy!


Unknown said...

I wish I had been sitting with you when Mary said that. What a beautiful way to hear the message of Good Friday.

Many blessings to you this Eastertide, Christine. Love to you.

Christine said...

Love to you, too, Laura! Happy Easter!