Friday, October 28, 2011

Discipling Boys: A Blog Series

What's happened to the nation's boys? Are you concerned about video games and other electronics sabotaging work ethic? Why are fewer boys applying for college, compared to girls? Why do fewer boys identify themselves as intelligent, compared to girls?

Why do 95% of the nation's young girls envision juggling career and family? Is that what God intended....for all women to be pulled in so many different directions?

Are we as a nation even trying to raise godly male leaders capable of supporting a family, faithfully discipling kids, and sacrificially loving a wife?

How can we help boys navigate puberty in a god-honoring way? Should they be around girls five days a week, for many hours a day?  What about focusing on education and training so they can support a wife some day? Is the constant presence of girls a distraction? Are easy physical relations--those without strings--a deterrent to boys' work ethics? If they can have their needs met, why focus on preparing for a wife and family? Where's the motivation?

The nation's boys are in crisis. What can we do, as Christian parents?

We'll explore all these issues in the next several weeks, as we discuss bringing up godly boys.

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