Thursday, October 6, 2011


Yesterday Mary said she wanted to be a train driver someday.  I said that sounded wonderful, and was she also looking forward to being a mommy?

MARY:  I don't think I can be a mommy because I don't know how to babysit.

Then today I was washing her hair and we somehow started talking about babies.

MARY:  How many babies do you think I'll have, Mommy?

MOM:  It's up to God how many you have, Sweetheart.

MARY:  But what if I only have two babies? (Uttered with a whine)

MOM:  Oh, I think you'll have more than that.

MARY:  Then why did you only have one baby, Mommy? (She's speaking of Beth here, who is still a baby in Mary's eyes.)

MOM (chuckling):  I had four babies, Mary..........Beth, Mary, Paul and Peter. You're all bigger now, but you were tiny babies at one time.

MARY (looking shocked and thoughtful): We were?

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