Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Prayer Warrior Life: A Mother's Prayers

I may not know you personally, but I know what your days are like.

If you're a momma you work hard, often into the wee hours of the morning, investing in your children emotionally, with hugs and loving words, and physically, with broccoli and oranges and apple slices. You wash, fold, and hang, vacuum mud and leaves, sweep crumbs, Lego Creator pieces, and Light Bright pegs.

You worry about fevers, wheezes, infected cuts. You devour parenting books in five minute chunks while on the toilet. You read parenting blogs to make sure you're understanding it all, and to commiserate with other moms in the trenches.

You take them to the library, to museums, and buy them educational toys. You teach, correct, repeat. Teach, correct, repeat. You devise systems for chores and other responsibilities.

Your children are your life. You're loving them sacrificially, giving everything.

But, could you be forgetting something? Maybe your own fallibility? And the Lord's power?

Are you, perhaps, forgetting.....prayer?

Pray for your children. Pray for their hearts, that they'll belong to the Lord. Pray they'll offer themselves as living sacrifices...laying down their lives for Him, for His purposes.

Isn't this what you really want? 

You want them to heal when they hurt, yes. You want them to do well in school, yes. You want them to work hard and accomplish, yes.

But don't forget their hearts.

The greatest mother--the one with whom He is well pleased--is the one who mothers on her knees, praying for her children's hearts.

He wants their hearts, not letters behind their name, showing accomplishment. He wants your heart--not a mother who pats herself on the back, each time her children shine.

Humble yourself. Give Him the gift of your heart...their hearts.


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