Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Blessings

Psalm 136:2-3
Give thanks to the God of gods. His faithful love endures forever. Give thanks to the Lord of lords. His faithful love endures forever.

Giving thanks for...

...Peter and Paul memorizing the Old Testament books together. And laughing through it.

...only two arthritic joints in my Beth. The naproxen seems to have no affect on her arthritis. Unless God intervenes soon, more aggressive drugs are on the horizon. Trying to hope and knowing I need to give thanks anyway. My Savior's time on the cross? It's enough. When Jesus uttered It is finished and gave up His spirit, the curtain tore in the Holy of Holies and our Father became accessible to me, to you. That is always enough. He is enough.

...brothers playing Chess and Uno on rainy days.

...Miss Beth racing her bike through the house on rainy days (part of her therapy).

...a long-awaited snow flurry, though it's still too warm to stick. Those making a living snowplowing will have a lean Christmas. December predictions aren't promising. Husband is ecstatic at this weather news, though sorry for the snowplowers.

...a sign in the neighborhood reading real estate auction coming soon. I first saw it coming back from Beth's therapy appointment. I gave thanks it wasn't our house but shed tears for the evicted. Why make the sign part of a blessing list?  It's a reminder that many desperately need prayer for stable shelter and the ability to give thanks anyway--especially over the holidays.

...the arms of a loving husband.

...clementine oranges.

...Shepherd's Pie for dinner.

...a warm home.

...owning a Bible and knowing it washes me clean and brings me joy.

...children to hug.

...prayers to pray.

...books to read.

...laundry to hang and fold, floors to sweep, dishes to wash, cluttered counter to clear. We do it all for the glory of God, with thanksgiving.

...the book Wild At Heart: Discovering the Secrets of a Man's Soul. A Christian book by a Christian counselor, it teaches how to disciple boys and understand your man. Though written for men, wives and mothers can glean much. I would read it cover to cover without stopping, but alas, my people need food and clean underwear. Or at least food. Just kidding...a load is bleaching in the washer as I type.

The author asserts that three desires are fundamental to men: the desire for battle (thus, the sticks boys constantly pick up), the desire for adventure (few men are homebodies...domestication makes them claustrophobic), and the desire to rescue a beautiful woman. When wives, mothers, and society discount and don't make allowances for these things, a man is lost. Public education doesn't help, with its sit down, be still and be nice expectations. More to come on this book, as part of my Discipling Boys series.

And guess what? My Catherine Marshall book turned up! Someone wrapped it as a pretend present and put it under a bed--a favorite pastime around here, especially around birthdays. More to come on that book as well...if my people stop dirtying their underwear and getting hungry.

On that note, the washer stopped.

What are you thankful for today? And how can I pray for you? It would be a privilege, friend.

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