Friday, January 11, 2013

Your Help, Please?

Human Trafficking Awareness Day: What is a Child's Life Worth? @Compassion. Table below taken from Compassion's blog--from the above-inked article.

Please pray for our correspondent child, Divya, who resides in southwest India? She will be 10 later this year and I fear for her safety. The widespread killing of female fetuses, especially in northern India, has led to a shortage of women in India. Young Indian men cannot find wives. Families are tricked into allowing their poor girls to go with traffickers to find "legitimate work" in the cities so they can send home money to their families. The girls are then sent to agencies where they're sold into marriage or into domestic slavery, or worse. Traffickers make about $1000 per trafficked child, minus the money they use to bribe officials. They're rich enough from their evil to afford to bribe their way through the judicial system, should they be arrested, so they have no fear.

Please, let me know if you have a sponsored child in a vulnerable area and our family will join you in praying for safety, and for an end to these abortions (Indian families bribe health care workers to tell them the sex of the child they're carrying), the cruel treatment of women, and governmental and police corruption in these vulnerable areas.

human trafficking infographic

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Lisa said...

What an eye-opening post, Christine. I had no idea. So very sad. Thank you for speaking out for the children.