Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Mystery of Him

Sometimes, God's more mystery than anything else. Yes, he reveals himself beautifully in the Bible, through David's words and Paul's and Isaiah's and many others. His Holy Spirit speaks to me as I read, and as I pray.

But there are those times I'm just dumbfounded by the mystery of Him.

My brother hasn't contacted me nor answered my e-mails in a year, so I inquired of my mom about it. A few days later another of the hurtful e-mails came, accusing me of being in a cult. I've been receiving them once or twice a year for 15 years.

They all think I'm weird and my brother has just washed his hands of me. My mother wrote that she only contacts me because she brought me into this world and because of that, she loves me unconditionally.

But, still, she says none of them can stomach my harsh views. To say I love them and at the same time to think they're going to hell, seems ghastly and devilish to them.

For the record, I don't do the hell-fire and brimstone thing, but since some Born-Again Christians do, it's guilt by association.

Faith is a gift and a mystery. Some believe that because He has foreknowledge of our hearts, he reveals himself only to those who he knows will receive him. And to all others, he never reveals himself.

If you have unsaved family members who hate the Jesus in you, you know the tragedy of which I speak. You feel isolated, even while Jesus is your ever-present comfort. The isolation never gets better.

And then, another mystery in the same weekend.

On Saturday, the Children's Bible Study lesson? Ready and waiting. The games organized, the snacks planned, the house clean. Even the furnace acts like a champ, making us both wonder if the heater guy was trying to scare us. It lights without difficulty--no delayed-ignition popping sound anymore.

About the time my children were over-the-moon excited about the Bible Study's beginning, Mary throws up.

At the last minute I have to cancel.

I trust Him. I love Him. I fear Him. I'm thankful for Him. I feel Him. I need Him.

Yet, still. He's a mystery to me.

My Faith endures. My Hope endures. My Love must endure.

No matter what comes, no matter what's passed, there is always our Everlasting Father, Our Wonderful Counselor. Always enduring in our hearts, always renewing and embodying our Faith, Hope, Love.

And the greatest of these is Love.

Pray for me as I Love, in the face of bitter rejection?

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Tesha said...

Oh my I know that hurts. We have experienced rejection from family on off over the years. When my husband took over a church his father said "What did you do that for?" I will be praying fr you to know the right things to say and do. Also for your family hearts to soften. I have often prayer for God to put other Christian s in my family life that would influence them. Often they will receive better from someone else.

Oh and the bible study that is just like the devil! You know you are about to do something BIG for God when it is met with such opposition. Praying next weeks Bible study will be fruitful and Mary will be all better.